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Number Manufacturer Description  
2012-I2-0100-EE-VA-SA88-C-H-N9-0000*Bürkert2/2-way globe valve, pneum. operated
0212-A-03,0-FF-MS-FB01-024/DC-08 *Bürkert"2/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting"
8311-GS84-VAFF-KZ-B-F1-2-BCV/DC-B *BürkertPressure transmitter 8311 10 BAR
0330-T-02,0-FF-PD-GM82-024/DC-08Bürkert"3/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting"
0330-T-03,0-AA-PD-GM82-230/50-08Bürkert"3/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting"
2000-A-2-20,0-EE-VA-RC85-C-D *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
Type 0330BürkertSolenoid Valve
6430-C25,0BBRGGM86-0-024/DC-11 *Bürkert"3/2-way-solenoid valve; servo-piston"
6281-EV-A50,0FFMSGM89-6-024/DC-03 *;KR58+NA38+PB09Bürkert2/2 ways magnet valve
8802-GD-I-A-50,0SS-VA-FD27-P-0-E-H-L-0-0BürkertProcess reg. system with positioner
6519-W06,0-GM82-FS05-B5-024/DC-02;Bürkert3/2 and 5/2 ways solenoid valve 32mm
6524-C04,0-FM14-0000-ZO-024/BA-AA *Bürkert3/2-way-pneumatic valve 10 mm
8802-GD-I-A-0100SS-VA-FA10-P-0-E-H-L-0-0Bürkertprocess reg. system with positioner
6213-EV-A20,0FFVAGM86-6-024/DC-10 *;NA38+PW02Bürkert2/2 ways magnet valve
2000-A-2-25,0-EE-RG-GM86-B-E *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
6606-T01,6FFPKFB23-0-024/UC-AS *Bürkert3/2-way-rocker valve, 16 mm analysis
306913Bürkertdigital electro-pneumatic positioner
306923Bürkertdigital electro-pneumatic positioner
Membran DN25 PTFE/EPDM verpacktBürkertDiaphragm DN25 PTFE/EPDM packed
Membran DN40 PTFE/EPDM verpacktBürkertDiaphragm DN40 PTFE/EPDM packed
Membran DN50 PTFE/EPDM verpacktBürkertDiaphragm DN50 PTFE/EPDM packed
8026-BC89-PDFF-PA-A-F4-K-BDC/DC-B *;IS23BürkertInsertion flow transmitters
Typ 5282Bürkert
2000-A-2-15,0-EE-VA-RC84-C-D *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
5470-G04,0-FM07-TA22-B0-024/DC-01 *Bürkert4/2-way-pneumatic valve
SY01CS-00-00-O-N-01-AL-00BürkertValve block be manifold mounted
2000-A-2-50,0-EE-RG-GM89-B-E *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
5470-G04,0-FM07-TA22-B0-024/DC-02 *Bürkert4/2-way-pneumatic valve
Typ MK03BürkertWAG VA-11-2 184043 D6 RV
8802-YG-L-A-50,0EE-VA-GM89-N-0-E-H-0-0-0BürkertProcess reg. system with positioner
6524-C04,0-FM14-0000-ZO-024/BA-AA JB17+JF80Bürkert3/2-way-pneumatic valve
8640-11-20-00-00-00-00-MPL-BK-00-00-00Bürkertvalve island 8640
6519-W06,0-GM82-FS05-B5-024/DC-02Bürkert3/2 and 5/2-way-pneumatic valve 32 mm
Typ 6213Bürkertservo operated 2/2 way solenoid valve
Typ 6013Bürkert2/2-way valve
8045BürkertFlow meter
1500BürkertInsertion fitting
2000-A-2-50,0-EE-VA-SA47-D-EBürkertDN50 PN16 1.9-18bar 316L flange type, Ball valve
2000-A-2-15,0-EE-RG-GM84-B-D *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
2000-B-2-15,0-EE-RG-GM84-B-D *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
2000-A-2-25,0-EE-RG-GM86-B-E *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
AC10-U3-5-32AABürkertCoil 024/DC/08
1078-1BürkertControl unit
8220BürkertConductivity meter
Typ 2301BürkertPneumatic globe control valve
Typ 8025Bürkertflowmeter
0312-C-03,0-BB-MS-FB01-024/UC-08 *Bürkert"3/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting"
336937Bürkertcontrol valve system type 8802
8692-E1-00-FA03-E-F-KD-GW-T-F-0-L * PU02BürkertPositioner
6281-EV-A40,0BBMSGM87-5-230/56-08Bürkert"2/2-way-solenoid valve; servo assisted"
0331Bürkertmagnet valve
8220-BC89-PDFF-C1-A-F1-L-000/00-0BürkertConductivity sensor
8801BürkertProcess control system with control head
Type 0330Bürkertvalve
0450-H-14,0-GM84-EL-024/UC *BürkertDistributeur
6213-EV-A25 NBRBürkertSolenoid Valve
Typ 2300Bürkert2/2-way angle seat control valve
Typ 2300Bürkert2/2-way angle seat control valve
Typ 2300Bürkert2/2-way angle seat control valve
Typ 8694BürkertPositioner Top Basic 70mm for Ant. 230X
Typ KOMPBürkertAdaptation set 8691-94 FA03 ANTG M,N,P
Typ 8045BürkertInsertion MID Flow Transmitter
Typ S020BürkertFitting for insertion sensors
Typ S020BürkertFitting for insertion sensors
Typ S020BürkertFitting for insertion sensors
type 6013Bürkertsolenoid valve
Type 6281Bürkertservo operated diaphragm valve
Type 6281Bürkertservo operated diaphragm valve
Typ 2518Bürkertplug
type 2012Bürkertvalve
V014-CAAAFFFPAFB01-V-A-LC-Z3*HA18Bürkert3/2-way-fluid module direct acting
Typ 6014BürkertPlunger valve 3/2 way direct-acting
8045-BC89-VAFF-P8-A-F4-C-BDT/DC-A *BürkertInsertion MID flow transmitter
2000Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve pneumatically operated; 2000-A-2-20,0-EE-RG-NM85-B-D *; MS74 + PD19
DM50-80BürkertStroke limitation cpl. DM50-80 ANT.D, E, F; Stroke limitation cpl. DM50-80 ANT. D, E
0330-A-03,0-FF-PD-GM82-230/50-08 *Bürkert"2/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting"
6213-EV-A13,0BBMSGM84-K-240/56-16 *Bürkert2/2-way-solenoid valve, servo coupled
6519-W06,0-GM82-FS05-B5-024/DC-02 *Bürkert3/2 and 5/2-way-pneumatic valve 32 mm
8801-YE-H-A-25,0EE-VA-SD44-M-0-E-0-0-0-0BürkertProcess act. system with control head

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