Fotoelektrik Pauly

Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH is the specialist for the development and production of high-quality photoelectric sensors and special optoelectronic devices. The special competence of the company lies in the areas of standard and special photoelectric sensors as well as the design and construction of special applications. Fotoelektrik Pauly manufactures special constructions in the field of optoelectronic systems and produces prototypes. The company also undertakes all types of repairs in its specialized field and offers its customers expert assistance in the design of special applications tailored to their field of application. Founded in 1979, the main location of Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH has been in Werne since 2000.

Quality, innovation and customer orientation

Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH always acts in a customer-oriented manner and sees it as its goal to supply its customers with high-quality products. To this end, the company has established a quality management system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and is designed to strengthen quality awareness throughout the company.

The quality goals of Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH are ambitious. In addition to the absolute satisfaction of the customers, it is about the high professional competence of all employees and the production of products that meet the highest professional standards. In order to achieve these high goals, the quality management at Fotoelektrik Pauly is particularly effective in the important departments of development, production and sales. These are regularly checked for their processes and promoted, any deficiencies are continuously optimized.

Another important goal is employee satisfaction. Above all, the commitment and creativity of the employees are promoted. After all, it is these qualities that help to achieve the company’s ambitious quality goals. Furthermore, Fotoelektrik Pauly is convinced that motivated employees who enjoy their work work more efficiently and thus continuously contribute to an improvement of the company processes and products.

Fotoelektrik Pauly focuses on sustainability

Since Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH attaches great importance to a conscious approach to the environment, it prefers the economical use of natural resources. Optimal performance yield is therefore another goal when it comes to the production of the products. All components are therefore carefully selected to ensure the high quality standards, and the company also makes investments in principle only after considering their sustainability and their contribution to the healthy development of the company.

Pauly products in practice

In addition to numerous standard devices in the field of photoelectric sensors and special optoelectronic devices, Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH offers a wide range of customer-specific products. In addition, the company supports its customers with comprehensive advice on special areas of application.

The products of Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH are used in numerous fields:

  • Steel and metallurgical plant technology (for detection and positioning support of objects at specific locations, material flow or level monitoring),
  • Warehouse and conveyor technology (for profile/overhang monitoring, area protection, presence detection of objects on conveyor belts and transport equipment)
  • Paper industry and machines (for web break detection and signalling),
  • Crane technology (for crane collision and distance protection),
  • accident protection (for area protection with self-monitoring light barriers),
  • various special areas such as cokemaking technology and steel mill technology.

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Products manufactured by Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH fall into the following categories:

  • Laser rangefinders, for example the PLDM1030H, a laser distance sensor with integrated heating for operation at very low temperatures, for example for object detection, distance measurement and positioning of vehicles.
  • Transmitter-receiver photoelectric sensors, for example the robust PP2009/3 photoelectric sensor with external connection cable, which has a performance range of 350 to 500 meters
  • Reflex photoelectric sensors, for example the models JP191B (compact design and high performance) or JV191 (including contamination control)
  • reflex scanners, for example the ET103/2000 with adjustable scanning distance (maximum 2000 mm) and active background suppression
  • Actuating light amplifier with optical heads: Transmitter-receiver optical heads, reflex optical heads, scanning optical heads and alternating light amplifiers.
  • Reference photoelectric sensors: Reference reflex photoelectric sensors, reference scanners, reference control units for FRP.
  • Special photoelectric sensors: Power supply and control units, thermal radiation receivers, data transmission, profile control, forked light barriers, color difference detection, marking lasers.
  • light grids, for example the switching light grid PLG4761210216/39/3/60×30/-/20/14 with a resolution of 5.5 millimeters and a scanning width of 39 millimeters
  • **hole finder
  • Self-monitoring light barriers and control units: Crane collision protection and crane distance devices, self-monitoring power supply and switching devices.
  • Positioning systems for coke oven machines and other rail-bound vehicles
  • Fiber optic systems: GFRP control units, transmitter-receiver GFRP control units, attachment optics, GFRP sensing optics heads, GFRP reflex optics heads.
  • EX photoelectric sensors, control units and accessories, for example the Multiplex system PP2031*01n Ex with a range of up to 300 meters or the reflector 1R100B Ex for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Adjustment instructions and aids: Large area reflectors, alignment flanges, pipe elbow alignment, dust protection tubes, cooling water flanges, furnace windows, fiber optic cables, weather protection, deflecting mirrors.

Individual solutions from Fotoelektrik Pauly

Individual, customer-specific special solutions relate, for example, to use under difficult, particularly harsh conditions in industrial environments. This can be the case, for example, with high heat, dirt or moisture. The high-performance sensors of Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH ensure reliable and safe operation even under such conditions.

These special solutions include, among others, the following products:

  • Safety crane collision protection systems, which are tested according to the EC type examination certificate
  • High-performance light barriers for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, which are tested in accordance with ATEX and IECEx
  • Hole finder systems for hole-marked weld seam detection
  • extremely powerful light grids, which have very long ranges
  • Code reader equipment for the positioning of rail guided vehicles (for example coke oven machines)

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