Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a leading global producer of measurement, control and regulation systems. The product portfolio of the medium-sized company ranges from simple valves to high-tech sensors – all of which are of high quality and at the highest technological level.

Bürkert has recognized the value of a good network as well as a learning organization and therefore focuses on customer proximity. Whether a customer needs a complete system solution or a single component, he is part of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems’ worldwide network. The company regularly exchanges information with its customers on application areas and their requirements and can optimize its processes in this way on an ongoing basis and align the functions of its products with practical applications.

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Bürkert developed into the global market leader

Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG has developed into the global market leader for fluid control systems within just a few decades. The family-run company was founded in 1946 by Christian Bürkert. Behind the company’s foundation was the idea of manufacturing products for the elementary needs of people living at that time. In the beginning, the product portfolio therefore included temperature controllers for foot heating plates, kitchen stoves and incubators.

Over time, Bürkert became an expert in solenoid valves and focused more and more on valve technology. Before his death in a plane crash in 1971, the company’s founder Christian Bürkert continued to expand the company with a great deal of energy and a visionary inventive spirit.

Today, Bürkert still relies on the pioneering spirit of its founder and attaches great importance to motivated employees who commit their know-how to the company. The declared goal is to maintain Bürkert’s market leadership. Independence also remains important to the Bürkert family. That is why Bürkert is still 100 percent family-owned. The Bürkert Group is managed by Heribert Rohrbeck. The company is headquartered in Ingelfingen, Germany, and Bürkert has a total of more than 3,000 employees and 36 subsidiaries around the world.

Strong corporate culture and corporate identity

Bürkert optimizes its process organization by means of a cross-divisional organization that requires few interfaces. The result is a high degree of goal orientation as well as a hierarchy that is not defined by the status of the individual. Instead, it is about actively taking responsibility and acting in the spirit of the team.

To achieve this, Bürkert relies on a strong corporate culture and corporate identity. Transparency in decision-making is just as important to the company management as the sense of responsibility of each individual employee for the company result. In order to handle even complex tasks efficiently, direct communication among employees and cooperation in interdisciplinary project teams is promoted in all areas. The role model function of managers also plays an important part in the corporate culture. The aim is to achieve goals through teamwork that could not be achieved alone.

Bürkert products and their benefits

At Bürkert, the entire manufacturing process – from the idea to development to testing and production – takes place under one roof, in the so-called Bürkert Systemhaus. There, employees work closely with customers to develop customized solutions tailored to their individual needs. Bürkert serves customers with a wide range of requirements – in a spirit of partnership.

For system customers, Bürkert is not only a fluidics developer, but also an expert in mechanical manufacturing, pump technology, coil manufacturing, plastics technology and welding technology. In addition, toolmakers, hardware and software developers, switchgear and plant engineers, project managers and much more.

In doing so, the company divides its product range not into sectors as is usually the case, but into the Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro segments. The special advantage: Bürkert solutions address your challenge even more individually and exceed the industry standard. Whether it’s a water dispenser, exhaust gas aftertreatment or dialysis machine, Bürkert deals with countless, very different application areas. This is conducive to knowledge transfer and contributes to the innovative character of the company’s technical solutions.

Bürkert’s product range is divided into the following categories:

  • Solenoid valves
  • Microfluidic valves and pumps
  • Process and control valves
  • Mass flow controllers
  • Electromotive valves
  • Solenoid control valves
  • Pneumatics and process interfaces
  • Filtration modules
  • Sensors, transmitters and controllers
  • Other products

Chemical disinfection: hydrogen peroxide dosing.

During the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, it is important to prevent contamination. This is done primarily with the help of chemical disinfection processes. Many producers face the challenge of dosing the disinfectant correctly to ensure a proper disinfection process. This process must be monitored and documented in accordance with current hygiene regulations.

Dosing the smallest quantities of liquid

In the case of additives or flavorings, even one drop of liquid can make a big difference and greatly affect the quality of the products. Precise dosing is therefore essential. Bürkert mass flow meters and controllers eliminate unwanted dripping and prevent sluggish reactions on the part of the dosing system – completely independent of pressure and viscosity. They ensure constant flow rates and low pulsation.

Bürkert helps industrial customers with efficient chemical disinfection: The system solution consists of a Liquid Flow Controller (LFC), a Mass Flow Controller (MFC) and a stainless steel mixing nozzle. Hydrogen peroxide and air are mixed to form a fine aerosol, ensuring uniform inactivation in the disinfection chamber. The required concentration level is reached more quickly, which means that disinfection can begin earlier. The disinfection process can thus be shortened by up to 20 percent.

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Compressed Air Technology: Fluidic Solutions

Bürkert helps make fluid control and regulation more accurate – from generation to application. Intake controllers, adsorption dryers, oxygen generators and much more – Bürkert offers a wide product range of applications and individual system solutions for all aspects of compressed air preparation, generation and distribution. The company thus supports its customers in optimizing their work and production processes as well as increasing plant availability.

Bürkert’s applications include compressors, solutions for compressed air preparation and suitable system supplements. The former increase the pressure and thus the density of gases, which is why they are used for compressing gases. They are used for working with compressed air or industrial gases. With the help of treatment components for compressed air, impurities can be removed. This is necessary for applications that require the compressed air to be pure. Bürkert also carries various types of system supplements that are used after the compressor and the conditioner, depending on the application.

Water analysis

Water analysis can play an important role in both food production and the pharmaceutical industry. These industries are particularly required to comply with all regulations and to continuously control and document their water quality. Bürkert’s multi-channel transmitters and multifunction controllers help to keep a permanent and cost-effective eye on water quality. Compared to the use of conventional water treatment systems, the are extremely economical – because they save time and require less personnel.

The multiCELL Type 8619 is a multi-channel transmitter and multifunction controller in one. The device clearly documents the water values and makes documenting them much easier. Users can also send the data to a central monitoring tool quite easily. In this way, possible malfunctions in the operation can be detected early and maintenance can be planned better. Process reliability increases significantly as a result. The transmitter has a modular design and can be connected to almost all sensors (flow, analysis, pressure, temperature and level).

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