Account details / SWIFT bank transfers


Term of payment

(1) If nothing to the contrary is agreed upon in individual cases, the prices that currently apply at the point in time when the Agreement is concluded shall apply ex warehouse plus statutory value-added tax.

(2) In agreeing upon the shipment (§ 4 para. 1), the Customer shall bear the transport costs ex warehouse and the costs of transport insurance that may be desired by the Customer. Any customs duties, fees, taxes and any other public levies and taxes as well as bank charges (e.g. for the transfer to the account of KC Kim) shall be borne by the customer. Customer shall note, that in case of order for each payment banking fees will be added except Customer can make sure that KC Kim is neither charged with Customer´s own bank’s fee nor intermediate bank’s fee. Transport packaging and all other auxiliary transport resources shall not be taken back by KC Kim if nothing to the contrary has been expressly agreed upon. Such shall become property of the Customer. Pallets are excepted from this. KC Kim issues certificates such as a declaration of origin or a movement certificate (e.g. EUR.1) only on request. There is no entitlement to their issue. KC Kim may charge a reasonable expense allowance for their issuance.

(3) Any deviations from dimensions, weight and quality that are allowed under applicable standards or prevailing practice shall not have any influence on the delivery price.

(4) The price for deliveries shall be due and payable within a fortnight (14 days) after the day when the invoice is received and delivery or acceptance of the Goods with the reservation of any agreements to the contrary. KC Kim shall always be entitled to demand a reasonable down payment. If prepayment by bank transfer has been agreed, payment shall be due within fourteen days after conclusion of the Agreement, unless the parties have agreed an earlier or later due date.

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