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For over 25 years, KC Kim Consulting GmbH has been the expert for industrial goods

Handling MRO management simply and safely – that’s what KC Kim Consulting GmbH stands for. Do you find the export and trade of machine spare parts an exhausting hurdle race? Not with our years of expertise! KCCO works together with its customers to ensure successful MRO management at a rapid pace. Convenient and digital processes are essential components of our service. KCCO delivers promptly and without a lot of red tape worldwide. Dare to take a look at our history and join us on a journey back in time to the beginnings of our company.

The history of KC Kim Consulting GmbH


New presentation

As part of digitalization, the new website www.kc-co.com is launched.


The digital future

KCCO digitizes all sales processes and becomes a full digital company.


Continuous growth

KCCO continues to optimize its business processes and expand into new global markets.


Powerful year

The company achieves sales of 15 million Euro for the first time.


Further expansion

The first spare parts deliveries are made to Nigeria and Vietnam. KCCO expands its office and stock facilities.


AEO status

KCCO is an AEO partner of Customs and has a special status in the customs clearance process.


New leadership

Chi-hie Kim-Börsing and Il-Han Kim join the management of KCCO.


The magic ten

For the first time in the company’s history, sales of 10 million Euro are achieved.


Approved exporter status

KCCO will grant KCCO "Authorized Exporter" status.


Asia expansion

The first deliveries are made to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Mrs. Kim joins in

Mrs. Kim junior finishes her studies of economics and starts working full-time at the company.


The market is growing – the team is expanding

The first employees are hired. KCCO makes its first deliveries to China and Dubai.


The first milestone

KCCO reaches one million Euro revenue for the first time.


The first job

In the first contract, a four-axle tractor of the MAN company was sold to a Korean transport company.


The beginning of KCCO

The company was founded as a sole proprietorship in the garage of the Kim family home under the name KC Kim Consultation.

What our partners say

Seit vielen Jahren arbeite ich schon mit KC Kim Consulting erfolgreich zusammen. Als wir zu Zeiten, in denen noch ihr Vater die Geschäfte führte, unsere Zusammenarbeit starteten, lernte ich die jetzige Geschäftsführerin Chi-hie Kim-Börsing, damals noch als schon sehr professional auftretendes, aussichtsreiches Nachwuchstalent anlässlich der Hannover Messe kennen, in den Folgejahren sollte sich diese Einschätzung durch signifikante Umsatzsteigerungen bewahrheiten. Durch ihr offenes, interessiertes Wesen und die langfristig orientierte Ausrichtung ihres Business konnten wir zusammen viele Kunden gewinnen. Um so mehr freut es mich, dass wir nun mit Avtron Encoders diese erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit fortsetzen können!

Oliver Gleich

Director of Sales Europe

KCCO service is excellent. Fast response and really cooperative.

Our power plant operational activities are running well because of full support by our vendors, one of them is KC Kim that has a good performance.

Thank you and we are all happy with this condition. Keep up your good services.

Kyagus Muznikhan

Procurement & Contract Section

PT Jawa Power

KC Kim Consulting GmbH is not just a company but a family to their partners and staff. Having worked with them for almost a decade, I can attest with every conviction that KCCO is a company that is Reliable, Accountable, Transparent and above all efficiently to work with. Their Services are top notch and their goods are trust worthy.


Awoke Uchenna

Managing director


Spare part research

We would be happy to do the research for your spare part and ensure smooth export processing.

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+49 (0)511 89 88 09 0
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