Siemens AG is an international technology company primarily active in the fields of intelligent infrastructure for buildings and energy systems, automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries, and intelligent mobility for rail and road transport. Founded in 1847, Siemens has since achieved remarkable growth and become a global market leader.

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In the field of drive technology, the company offers drive components at all levels, for example motors, frequency converters, couplings and gearboxes. Siemens is also an expert in building technology, enabling energy-efficient and safe buildings and the associated infrastructure. In the field of energy, the portfolio includes all applications for modern smart grids and power distribution systems. Here, Siemens not only provides the equipment, but also helps with installation, operation and maintenance. In addition, Siemens has an extensive automation portfolio that helps customers deal with digitization in a particularly advantageous way. Siemens Mobility, on the other hand, develops and manufactures intelligent solutions for mass transit, long-distance and freight transportation. Another business unit is "Siemens Healthineers." This helps healthcare providers around the world to expand their healthcare systems while reaping the benefits of digitalization and improving the patient experience.

Responsibility, excellence and innovation

Siemens’ corporate culture as well as all entrepreneurial activities follow the values of "responsibility," "excellence" and "innovation." Siemens prescribes respectful behavior for its employees in its corporate guidelines, which form the foundation of the company’s culture. Initiative and strength of implementation are further concepts that can be found in the guidelines.

Siemens also emphasizes an employee-oriented approach and a good relationship with employees, which should be based on trust and openness. For example, employees have the opportunity to become employee shareholders and thus participate directly in the company’s success. Siemens’ guiding principle acts as follows: "Always act as if it were your own company". Siemens thus relies heavily on the motivation as well as the independent action of its employees.

Siemens has also set itself the goal of becoming the employer of choice by 2020. The company thus continues to rely on committed, capable employees as the basis of its success. In order to be able to improve its own attractiveness as an employer, the entire workforce is continuously surveyed on their satisfaction as part of an employee satisfaction index.

The Siemens product range

Due to the ever-increasing digitization and automation, Siemens has been increasingly relying on solutions such as integrated drives and intelligent controls in recent years. To remain competitive, the goal here is always to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency, quality and speed.

Individual company products and services by category:


  • Medical Imaging
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Digital Health Solutions
  • Healthcare IT


  • Power Distribution-Medium Voltage and Low Voltage
  • Energy Automation and Smart Grid
  • Solar Inverter Service

Building Services

  • Building automation and control
  • HVAC products, fire protection
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Safety & Security

Drive Technology

  • inverters
  • motors
  • Flender gearboxes
  • Flender couplings
  • generators
  • geared motors
  • Mains inverters
  • Selection and Engineering Tools
  • Digitalization Drive Technology
  • Large Drives Applications

Industrial Automation

  • automation systems
  • Operating and monitoring systems
  • Identification and localization
  • Industrial switchgear
  • Industrial Software
  • Industrial communication
  • process instrumentation
  • Process control engineering
  • Power supplies
  • process analytics

Products for specific requirements

  • Mobility: Rail, Road, Intermodal

  • Software: MindSphere, Mobile Apps, Industrial Software

  • Financing: equipment and technology financing, sales financing, working capital financing, project financing, corporate financing

  • For private households: electrical installation technology, switches and sockets, building system technology, home automation, security, smart battery

Examples of application areas for Siemens products

The following areas of application do not represent an exhaustive list, but merely a selection of possible applications. In addition to automotive manufacturing and plant and mechanical engineering, Siemens is active in mining, battery manufacturing, the chemical industry, distributors, electronics, glass production, intralogistics, aerospace, food and beverages, pulp and paper, the pharmaceutical industry, data centers, the tire industry, public utilities and distribution network operators, transportation and logistics, water, wind power and cement.

Automotive industry: Digital Enterprise

Digital Enterprise is the Siemens product portfolio for digital transformation in the automotive industry. The automotive industry is currently developing rapidly and can benefit from digitalization in a special way. Siemens helps its customers build reliable cars faster and more efficiently with Digital Enterprise solutions.

The Digital Enterprise approach focuses on creating digital twins for the automotive industry. This has several advantages: Digital twins significantly reduce the number of prototypes needed during development, and they also enable predictions about the performance of production units and the actual product. In addition, digital twins can be used to ensure that the product corresponds to what the end customer expects in terms of individualization and drive concepts.

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Mechanical and plant engineering

To enable modular and mechanical engineering to meet increasing industrial requirements, Siemens has developed both cross-industry and industry-specific solutions for this sector. In addition to products that are already well-known, the range includes industrially usable technologies of the future. These include solutions from the field of additive manufacturing or robotics. The company also offers customizable financing options. From development to production to the corresponding services – the corresponding products as well as the experts from Siemens provide support in utilizing and implementing the advantages of the range.

The following solutions are part of the cross-industry offering for mechanical and plant engineering:

  • Application support
  • Financing solutions for industry
  • Industrialize Additive Manufacturing
  • Converting solutions
  • Conveying systems
  • Handling solutions for all applications
  • Robot integration
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Solutions for industrial heating processes
  • Smart Power Management

Branchenspezifische Lösungen

dagegen kommen den sehr unterschiedlichen Anforderungen der verschiedenen Branchen im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau entgegen. Diese verändern sich ständig, da die Industrie die Taktung ihrer Produktion immer wieder erhöht. Damit Modul- und Maschinenbauer mit diesen Veränderungen adäquat umgehen können, hat Siemens sein Lösungssortiment von digitalen Zwillingen für Module und Maschinen auf die verschiedenen Branchen angepasst. Das ermöglicht den Industrien, ihre digitalen Zwillinge miteinander zu verknüpfen und die digitale Transformation wirkungsvoll umzusetzen.

Das Angebot enthält folgende Produkte:

  • Lösungen für Druck­maschinen
  • Elektronik­branche
  • Glas­industrie
  • Holzverarbeitungs- und Holz­bearbeitungs­maschinen
  • Kunst­stoff­maschinen
  • Prozess-OEM
  • Solar­produktions­maschinen
  • Textil­maschinen
  • Umform­technik
  • Verpackungs­maschinen
  • Werkzeug­maschinen
  • Natursteinbearbeitung

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