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Avtron is a U.S. manufacturer of high-quality encoders that the company distributes worldwide. The brand’s products are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

The following is a brief introduction to Avtron, its philosophy and the Avtron product line. We also present the different product categories and their application in practice.

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Avtron Manufacturing Inc. was founded in the USA in 1953. The company initially developed and produced high quality test solutions for the aerospace industry. Avtron is located in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1964, the company also began developing motor feedback systems. The focus was always on precision and reliability.

In 2012, Avtron became part of Nidec Corporation, a global Japanese industrial and technology group, and has been operating under the name Nidec Industrial Solutions North America ever since. With the acquisition, the company significantly expanded its distribution network and reach, serving more customers in more industries around the world. Besides the OEM business Avtron’s customer service team works with worldwide customers to upgrade and retrofit their equipment. The goal is always to guarantee highest availability of customer’s machinery and increase productivity.

High-quality encoders are the core business

The core business of Avtron Encoders continues to be encoders, also known as tachometers or rotary encoders. These are devices that convert mechanical rotations into electrical impulses. Typically, these pulses are used to determine speed, position and length – something that is done in feedback in AC and DC motor drive controls. They are also used in the measurement and instrumentation of process lines to increase productivity.

The Avtron Encoders brand stands for quality and durability

This is supported by the fact that the company’s encoders are the world’s best-selling encoders in the heavy-duty category. Avtron’s encoders can be found in applications across a variety of industries, including wind turbines, oil and gas, paper manufacturing, metalworking and mining..

The Avtron products convince end customers especially with their long uptime and absolute reliability. The enterprise can score also with the reliability of its customer service, which reacts particularly fast to customer inquiries. In this way, Avtron not only ensures that customer problems are handled as quickly as possible, but also that its products are available at all times. Technical support is English language, free of charge and available around the clock. The company is committed to ensuring that its customers receive the help they need, when they need it.

To ensure that Avtron encoders perform flawlessly in the field, they are thoroughly tested. Not just random samples are taken, but each unit is subjected to several tests before delivery. This ensures that the Avtron models perform at their best time after time. For example, tests have shown that some models have an average operating time of more than 4,500,000 hours when used outdoors.

What products does Avtron offer?

The Avtron brand is known for the exceptional reliability of its drive systems and encoders. But what exactly are the advantages of Avtron encoders? Firstly, the products are much more durable than those of the competition. This is due in part to the fact that they have strong cast aluminum housings, encapsulated electronics and generously sized bearings. Avtron’s magnetic sensors also contribute to their reliability. They are particularly resistant to materials such as dirt, dust, oil, and liquids that optical encoders are often unable to withstand. impair.

Magnetic encoders

Avtron encoders feature extra-large bearings that extend their life. The brand also offers magnetic encoders without bearings, which are completely wear-free encoders. These encoders are mounted directly on the motor shaft using a special clamp mounting system and feature a non-contact sensor that is also fully encapsulated to protect against dust, water and oil.

Optical encoders

While the magnetic encoders use sensors that respond to magnetic fields, the optical encoders make use of an infrared LED light source. Wide-gap technology, developed by Avtron for both types of encoders, provides a sensor against interference from motors and brakes, shock and vibration. It also provides protection against contamination and mechanical damage, such as scratches to the sensor.

Technically perfect products

Avtron customers receive technically flawless products and benefit in particular from their durability. Production equipment and machinery using Avtron equipment requires fewer repairs, meaning that it will function and last longer. The average time to next maintenance is also longer and there is less unscheduled downtime. In addition, the machines are less susceptible to fluids, dirt and shock, which means that processes are not unnecessarily prolonged or delayed.

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Avtron in practical use

The product categories of the brand at a glance:

  • Light Mill Duty (Light Load Encoder)
  • Mill Duty
  • Heavy Mill Duty (heavy duty encoder)
  • Severe Mill Duty
  • Hazardous Duty (encoder for hazardous areas)
  • OEM modules
  • Absolute

Extensive product range

Avtron manufactures encoders for a variety of applications and practical requirements.

The Avtron brand includes an extensive product range for light to heavy duty applications in a variety of industries, including metal fabrication and machining. This includes ATEX-approved encoders for hazardous operating environments.

The components have an extremely robust design and are therefore suitable for applications in the hoisting, crane and heavy industry as well as in the wind energy and petrochemical sectors.

The Avtron product line offers solutions for the following applications and problems:

Crane and hoist

(e.g port cranes, gantry cranes,heavy freight elevators): vibration, damage due to external influences, extreme temperatures, replacement for light OEM models

Machinery solutions

Vibration, external damage, liquids, replacement for light OEM models

Solutions for the metal industry

Water vapor, acid fumes, dirt, extreme temperatures, replacement for old, analog tachogenerators and for lightly built OEM models

Solutions for the Marine

Salt spray on deck, external damage, replacement for light OEM models

Solutions for the oil and gas industry

(for example in top drives / drawworks in oil drilling, or on pumps) : IECEx and ATEX certification, vibration, extreme temperatures, damage during transport and installation, replacement for light OEM models

Solutions for Pulp and Papers

Corrosive chemicals, water vapor, high temperatures, replacement for old analog tachogenerators and for light OEM models

Wind energy

(e.g. in pitch controls and generators on wind turbines): Rough handling, vibration, extreme temperatures, replacement for light OEM models

Wood industry

(for example in chippers and cranes): dust, vibration, extreme temperatures, replacement for light OEM models

Paper & metals production and processing

High-performance automation and process control systems help maximize productivity in many plants and industrial processes.

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