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Quality and innovation in control instrumentation and industrial automation – CAMLogic manufactures and sells more than 80,000 products each year to more than 5,000 customers in 107 countries.

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certifications, quality system & QUALITY CHECK for 100% of products.

CAMLogic has ATEX certification for both its products and production process since 2004. In early 2022, we have also obtained IECEx certification for PFG05 and PFG57 and their versions up to 200°C.

CAMLogic products comply with both low voltage regulations and electromagnetic compatibility directives. The PFG05 and PFG57 families also meet EAC regulations. Many of the devices are certified for the food industry (FCM).


Level meters for dosing and handling powders and granules such as: Feed, flour, plastic granules, lime, chipboard and the similar.


Instruments for flow or level control in liquids, both conductive and non-conductive.


Level measuring instruments that are in contact with solid or liquid corrosive materials. All parts in contact with the material are stainless steel.

High temperatures

Level indicator for situations where the temperature in the silo is very high. Different types are available: 200°C Max – 400°C Max – 600°C Max


Instruments made of materials that do not contain substances that are subject to restrictions and are therefore suitable for use in contact with food.

RPM Monitors

CAMLogic RPM monitors are used to control the speed of and exhaust systems such as conveyors, elevators, mixers, and mechanisms of various types.

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