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TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH manufactures sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement of angles, inclinations, vibrations, accelerations and displacements in plant and machine construction. The products serve customers with very different needs and applications in a variety of industries. The Düsseldorf-based company specializes in the production of sensors for applications in sensitive hazardous areas. To this end, it develops innovative products that are functionally convincing and can be adapted to the individual needs of its customers.

For almost 60 years, TWK has been asserting itself in its field and bringing innovative sensor solutions to market worldwide. The company’s products serve its customers as the basis for various types of technological innovation projects. TWK’s growing product range is based on its many years of experience in the development, production and sale of sensors throughout the world. The company has not only committed itself to the quality and safety of its products, but also lives up to them. As a manufacturer of quality sensors, TWK feels it has a duty to ensure the functional safety of its products in particular.

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Supreme Sensoring for plants, machines and people around the globe

The core of the philosophy of this traditional company is the close cooperation with its customers. Only through this cooperation is it possible to develop individual technical solutions to meet the respective requirements in practice. The company slogan "Supreme Sensoring for plants, machines and people around the globe" therefore describes the comprehensive services of the company very appropriately.

The interest of the customers is always the focus

Teamwork is a top priority at TWK – and not only affects management and internal projects, but also the work with the client. While at TWK orders are seen as a joint challenge for all departments and generations of employees, the company also takes the close partnership with its customers very seriously. TWK enjoys the challenge. An appreciative attitude toward people and professional expertise is one of the basic values that the company promotes to the outside world and is one of the cornerstones of its success. The interests of the customer, i.e. the development of flexible, durable solutions, are always at the center of TWK’s operations.

With know-how and quality to success

It is particularly important to the company to offer its customers products that perform exactly as expected for the respective application. This requires excellent materials and well thought-out technologies in production. In addition, the corresponding know-how and thus qualified, committed employees are essential. TWK therefore takes the training and further education of its employees very seriously and every year offers not only a number of places in various training professions, but also continuous further education opportunities for employees who have already completed their training.

Over 130 model series in the assortment

The continuously growing TWK product range includes a wide assortment of sensors for plant and machine construction. Customers from a diverse field of industry will find the right product for their needs in the comprehensive product selection. In addition, TWK also offers the possibility of having its products adapted to meet specific customer requirements. In the company’s online store, customers can configure almost any product, add various features and thus tailor it to their individual wishes and requirements.

The company’s product categories at a glance:

  • Rotary Encoders
  • Inclinometers
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Linear transducers and scanners
  • Switching cam encoders
  • Draw wire linear transducers
  • TWK Accessories

Where the TWK products in practical use

The TWK products are characterized by their special quality and safety as well as innovative unique selling points. The company puts great value on the reliable performance and functional reliability of its products. For this reason, many of the company’s sensors are certified by PLd and SIL2. These are central safety standards that describe functional safety and the ability of safety-related control components to perform a security function.

TWK-ELEKTRONIK is aware of the changes that are taking place in its customers’ industries and reacts to them. In this way, technological changes at the customer’s are directly incorporated into the expansion of the product range and the development of the individual TWK products. Together with the customer, the company also works on application-specific solutions as answers to current and future requirements.

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Wind energy

Power generation using wind energy has become very widespread in the last two decades and is being further expanded. The future prospects of the industry are therefore still very positive. The further development of technical solutions has been accompanied by an increase in efficiency and operational reliability as well as by higher demands on sensor technology. Encoders have to meet completely different expectations today than ten years ago. TWK has accompanied these change processes from the very beginning. For example, an absolute encoder from TWK was used in the first German wind turbine, also known as Growian. Since then, TWK has been considered an important supplier to well-known companies in the wind energy sector.

Construction machinery

In the construction industry, the trend towards automation is spreading. Modern construction machines are expected to perform their tasks in the shortest possible time and at the same time with the highest precision. At all times, they should also meet the highest safety requirements. This is only made possible by the progressive automation of the machines, their electronics and control technology. To make them even more efficient, sensors are installed in the machines that reliably output a precise measured value – even under adverse environmental conditions. TWK has specialized in this niche with its extremely reliable magnetic rotary encoders, inclination sensors and displacement sensors. These are characterized by their durability, robustness and absolute reliability. The company’s product portfolio also includes safety-relevant versions.

Agricultural machinery

In the field of agricultural machinery, the degree of automation is constantly increasing. Modern agricultural machines already have automated steering systems, driver assistance or possibilities for sensor-controlled fertilization as standard equipment. In this case too, reliable, high-precision sensors form the basis for the automation of the machines. In particular, magnetic rotary encoders and tilt sensors from TWK are used. The company is a supplier to several well-known manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

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