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Number Manufacturer Description  
5413-G06,0BBPAGM82-5-230/56-02 *Bürkert4/2-way-pneumatic valve, servo-piston
6519-W06,0-GM82-FS05-B5-230/56-02Bürkert3/2 and 5/2-way-pneumatic valve 32 mm
8222-0000-PD00-C1-W-A7-2-BDN/DC-A *BürkertConductivity-transmitter
6014-C01,5FFMSFB01-5-230/50-08Bürkert3/2-way-solenoid valve, direct acting
6012-C01,6FFVAFK01-2-024/DC-04Bürkert3/2-way-solenoid valve, direct acting
6510-C02,5-FM08-0000-Z0-024/BA-AA *Bürkert3/2-way-pneumatic valve 10 mm
8177-GM89-PD00-US-A-F1-C-BDC/DC-ABürkertUltrasonic level transm G2 2 wires
6014-C02,0FFMSGM82-5-024/DC-08Bürkert3/2-way-solenoid valve, direct acting
Type 2518Bürkertvalve connector type A
SE30-0000-PC00-R3-B-F3-L-BDN/DC-ZBürkertContinous Inline Flowmeter
type 6213Bürkert2/2 way solenoid valve
type 6213Bürkert2/2 way solenoid valve
type 5282Bürkert2/2 way solenoid valve
8711-50,0L-N2.-E-A -GM82-ALAA-A-01,6BürkertMass flow controller byp. chip ECO
8626-1000L-LUF-E-A -GM84-ALFF-E-06,0BürkertMass flow controller inline heavy-duty
5282-00-A13,0BBMSGM84-0-024/DC-08Bürkert"2/2-way-solenoid valve; servo assisted"
5470-G04,0-GM81-FS05-B0-024/DC-02Bürkert4/2-way-pneumatic valve
Type 8012Bürkertflow meter
2031-A-2-20,0-AD-VA-GM85-D-E NO01+NO05+PX51BürkertDiaphragm valve
2000-A-2-15,0-EE-VA-GM83-D-C *Bürkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
0330-F-04,0-FF-PP-GM82-024/DC-08 *Bürkert"3/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting"
6012-C01,2FFMSGM81-2-024/DC-04 *Bürkert3/2-way-solenoid valve, direct acting
6628-A-03,0-FF-PS-FB09-024/DC-05-GB*BürkertSolenoid valve with medium separation
8804-BA-3-2-25,0EE-VA-RM86-020-0B-BFI/UCBürkertBall valve with electrical actuator
8611-C-E-D-6-13-0-24-1-08-1-09BürkertEControl ext 4-20MA Coil mounted 4-20mA
6211-00-A10,0BBMSGM83-2-024/DC-04Bürkert2/2-way-solenoid valve, servo assisted
6281-EV-A20,0BBMSGM85-5-230/56-08Bürkert"2/2-way-solenoid valve; servo assisted"
0330-A-03,0-CF-PD-GM82-230/UC-CD *Bürkert"2/2-way-solenoid valve Ex; direct acting"
8640-11-00-32-00-00-00-000-BK-00-00-00 PX50Bürkertvalve block 8640 11mm 32-bank

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