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Baumer Hübner is an internationally active, owner-managed family company that manufactures measuring instruments as well as devices for sensor technology, encoders and components for automated image processing. Baumer Hübner attaches great importance to research and development and accordingly invests around 10 percent of its sales in this area. The company works closely with research institutes and universities and pursues an active patent policy.

The family-owned company employs around 2,700 people worldwide and has 39 branches in 19 countries. Its clientele is diverse, including small, focused companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector, as well as large, globally active industrial companies and corporations.

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The foundation of Baumer electric

In 1952, Baumer is founded as Baumer electric by Herbert Baumer, a graduate engineer. The company’s first premises are located in a former shoe factory in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Initially, the company produces only the 500 series microswitch, intended for monitoring and controlling electrically controlled manufacturing processes. In 1960, the product portfolio is expanded to include series for program controls, and in 1966 Baumer launches the My-Com, a high-precision measurement and control switch. The precision probe establishes the company’s international success, which continues to this day.

In the decades that followed, Baumer researched and produced numerous other electronic switches and initiators as part of the growing development of electronics. In 1969, for example, the first contactless proximity switch was developed. In 1980, the company further expands its sensor business and founds, among others, Baumer Electric GmbH in Frankfurt. In 1981, Baumer begins manufacturing optical sensors and chooses the color red as an expression of its corporate identity.

In 1987, the company begins to develop encoders for the Airbus industry. The fact that Baumer is able to meet the high demands of the aerospace industry is a great success and forms a milestone in the company’s success story. Ten years later, in 1997, Baumer lays the foundation for working according to the proven strategy of the continuous improvement process, the so-called KAIZEN method. In 1992, Baumer Electric AG is certified according to ISO 9001.

Baumer Hübner expands rapidly

Baumer Hübner expands at an increasing rate. In 1998, for example, the company acquires a stake in System Kurandt GmbH of Berlin, a company that produces precision sensors for printing and packaging technology. In 2002, Baumer Hübner also buys the Hübner Group with the companies Hübner Elektromaschinen AG and Thalheim Tachometerbau GmbH. From then on, the company operates under the name Baumer Hübner, but in 2007 it adopts the Baumer brand name. From then on, all companies of the Baumer Group operate under the Baumer name.

In 1979, Baumer Hübner takes its first steps into Asia, especially Japan. Baumer’s export share quickly reaches 45 percent. In addition to new locations in Germany and Switzerland and acquisitions of various European companies, Baumer establishes subsidiaries in the USA, France, Italy, Canada, China, Brazil and India. Most recently, a new production site is being built in northern Macedonia in 2019.

Excellent quality management

For the benefit of its employees as well as for its economic success, Baumer Hübner believes it has a duty to ensure that its corporate management is sustainable and responsible. As part of its efforts to achieve excellent quality management, the company was awarded the D&B Rating Certificate, an internationally recognized quality badge for private companies. This certifies Baumer Hübner’s high level of economic and financial stability as well as its status as a reliable business partner.

Baumer stands for precision, innovation, pioneering spirit, performance and partnership. The company has formulated several core values for all its sites and employees, which shape its corporate culture and are to be reflected in its public appearance as well as in the research and development of its products.

Baumer Hübner is committed to the following values

  • Partnership: Solutions are always developed individually and in close cooperation with the customer. Baumer Hübner is about listening to each other, defining requirements together and also sticking together when problems arise and solving them together. The company aims to be a reliable and loyal partner to its customers.

  • Precision: Baumer Hübner stands for quality and competence and sets itself the goal of developing sophisticated products and solutions that precisely meet the needs of its customers and are also at a high technological level.

  • Pioneering spirit: It takes pioneering thinking for solutions to emerge. Baumer Hübner is concerned with innovative solutions and technologies that are ahead of the competition and have future developments in mind. All newly developed products are based on real customer problems for which original ideas are needed.

As a measure for quality assurance as well as for ensuring the efficiency of its operations, Baumer has introduced the "Baumer Operations System". This represents a binding guideline for all sites and divisions and prescribes lean management methods as well as measures designed to serve error-free processes (Six Sigma). In this way, Baumer Hübner aims to ensure that even the highest demands of its customers are satisfied.

Operational Excellence is at the heart of all Baumer Hübner’s efforts and stands for the following goals:

  • qualified employees
  • Lean Six Sigma (lean and error-free processes)
  • binding, consistent quality
  • short delivery times and high delivery reliability
  • lean logistics
  • high flexibility

As early as 1997, Baumer Hübner laid the foundation for working according to the proven strategy of the continuous improvement process, the so-called KAIZEN method. In 2008, the company was named a Top Employer for the first time, making it one of the best employers in Switzerland. Certification as a Top Employer is awarded to companies whose HR measures meet the highest standards.

The product range of Baumer Hübner

Through the acquisition of various other companies as well as the differentiation of the business units over the years, Baumer’s product range is broad and highly diversified:

  • Object and position detection Inductive proximity switches, fiber optic sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, magnetic/cylinder sensors, photoelectric sensors and switches, mechanical precision switches, edge measurement and detection, light band sensors, accessories.

  • Sensors for measuring distances and spacing (from micrometer range up to more than 40 meters) Laser, ultrasonic and radar sensors, draw-wire displacement sensors, inductive distance sensors, measuring wheel encoders, magnetic encoders, accessories.

  • Smart Vision Sensors: Smart profile sensors, VeriSens sensors (sensors for image-based quality control), smart sensors for Universal Robots.

  • Industrial Cameras/Image Processing Industrial cameras, software, accessories

  • Identification of 1D-/2D-Codes and Text Code Reader, Text Reader with Code Reading Function, Accessories

  • Rotary Encoders/Angle Sensors Industrial Encoders, Bearingless Encoders and Encoders for Synchronous Motors, HeavyDuty Encoders, Tachogenerators/Resolvers, Speed Switches/Monitors and Combinations, Hall/Speed Sensors, Programmable Encoders, Real-Time Ethernet Encoders, Encoders for Functional Safety, Accessories

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  • Tilt and acceleration sensors Tilt as well as vibration and acceleration sensors

  • Process sensors Temperature, pressure, flow, level and conductivity of liquid, gaseous, pasty and granular materials: Pressure and level measurement, flow and conductivity measurement, temperature measurement, accessories.

  • Force and strain sensors Force and strain sensors, cavity pressure sensors, strain measurement in bores, measurement amplifiers, customized solutions,

  • Setting the position of formats and stops in machine and plant construction. Compact drives and spindle positioning systems

  • Counters for process and measurement data, for example for piece and rotational speeds and positions total counters or position and process displays, preset counters/multifunction devices, time counters, accessories

  • Accessories for encoders and angle sensors, counters, sensors and process sensors, image processing

  • Connectivity for connecting sensors Connectors/cables, wireless solutions**

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