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Number Manufacturer Description  
AV 15LHE4X35U 45 GR. NSchmersal
AZM 415-11/11zpk 24 VAC/DCSchmersalSolenoid interlock
EF103.1SchmersalContact element
EF033.1SchmersalContact element
EF10.2SchmersalContact element
AZM300B-I2-ST-SD2PSchmersalSolenoid interlock
BETAETIGER AZ/AZM 415-B3SchmersalActuator
AZM 415-11/11ZPKFE 24VAC/DCSchmersalSolenoid interlock
Z4V10H 335-11z-M20SchmersalPosition Switch
ML441-11Y-M20SchmersalPosition switch
ML 441-11Y-T-M20SchmersalRoller lever
M2S 6610-11-K-ZSchmersalPosition switch
TD 250-02/02ZSchmersalLimit switch
MVH 330-11Y-M20SchmersalPosition switch
BNS 120-11ZSchmersalSafety switch
IFL 15-30-10STPSchmersalInductive switch
EX-AZM 170-11ZRK 24VAC/DC-3G/DSchmersalSafety switch
AZM 161SK-12/12RKT-024SchmersalSolenoid interlock
BETAETIGER AZM 161-B6SchmersalSolenoid interlock
RSS 36-ST-ASSchmersalRFID safety switch
BNS 303-11ZG-STSchmersalsafety sensor
AZ 16 ZVRK-M16-1476-1SchmersalSafety switch
AZ 16-02ZVRK-M16-2665-50NSchmersalSicherheitsschalter
BNS 303-11Z 5,0MSchmersalSafety sensor
T4D 064-12Y-R=2X90GRSchmersalPositionsschalter S 2
Z4V7H 335-11Z-RVA-2272SchmersalPosition switch
IFL 15-30L-10/01PSchmersalSwitch
SLB400-C10-1RSchmersalcancelled product
BN 20-11rz-M16SchmersalSolenoid switch
BP 21 NSchmersalActuating solenoid
Z4V7H 335-11z-RVA-2622SchmersalPOSITION SWITCH
BNS 36 STG-AS-RSchmersalAS-Interface Safety at Work
Z4V 336-11Z-1593-5Schmersal
Z4V10H 336-11z-1593-6Schmersal
MS 330-11Y-M20-1366SchmersalPosition switch
BN 20-11RZ-M16SchmersalSolenoid switch
AZ 16-02ZVK-M16Schmersal
EX-BNS 250-11Z-3G/DSchmersal
BP 21 NSchmersalSolenoid switch
SRB301LCI 24VAC/DCSchmersal
TVH 015-11Y-M20SchmersalPosition switch
Leverl 7H kpl. 330/S0 Ausf. Y-RMSSchmersal
SRB-E-204PE02SchmersalCustomer protected
TA 471-03/03y-H-1877-2666Schmersalposition switch
IFL 5-18-11ZSTPK-1952-2SchmersalInductive switch
TV10S 335-12z-M20SchmersalSwitch
BNS 260-02/01z-ST-LSchmersalsafety sensor
BPS 260-1Schmersalactuator
AZ 16 ZVRK-M16SchmersalSafety switch
AZM 161SK-12/12rk-024SchmersalSwitch
SRB301MC-24VSchmersalsafety relay
TR 235-02z-M20SchmersalPosition Switch
AZM300Z-ST-1P2PSchmersalSolenoid interlock
TD 422-01y-M20Schmersalposition switch
MH 302-11y-M16SchmersalPosition switch
C1204420 Z4V7H-335-11Z-RVA-2272/2654 LIMIT SWITCH IEC 60947-5-1 AC-15Schmersal
EF303.1SchmersalContact element
EF03.1SchmersalContact element
EF03.2SchmersalContact element
AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024SchmersalSafety interlock
AES 1235Schmersal
AZM 170-11ZRK 24VAC/DCSchmersalSolenoid interlock
TD 452-02Y-1090/2512SchmersalSwitch
BN 20-11RZ-M16SchmersalSwitch
BP 21 NSchmersalmagnet
IFL 15-30L-10TP-2130SchmersalInductive proximity switches 3-wire DC
BN 20-rz-M16Schmersalsolenoid switch
AZM 170-11ZRK-ST-2111-1/2197Schmersalcustomer protected
T1R 236-20z-M20Schmersalposition switch
IFL 15-30L-11TP-1766SchmersalSwitch
TVH 015-11Y-991SchmersalPosition switch
ZQ 700-11SchmersalPull Wire Emergency Switch
FWS 2316 C UE: 24...230V AC/DCSchmersalStandstill monitor
ZR 332-11Y-STSchmersalLimot switch
TL 441-11Y-TSchmersalLimit switch
BN 20-rz-STSchmersalSolenoid switch
TD 422-01Y-1090/2512SchmersalPosition switch S1
T.064-12ySchmersalPosition Switch S2
BP 21 NSchmersalMagnetic Actuator
MZM 100 ST-AS REAPSchmersalSolenoind interlock
TV10S 335-02z-M20SchmersalSafety switch
BP 31 NSchmersalActuator
BP 31 SSchmersalActuator
ML 441-11y-T-2512-6SchmersalPosition Switch S1

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