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Number Manufacturer Description  
PNOZ s7.1 24VDC 3 n/o cascadePilzSafety relay
PSEN sl-1.0p 1.1 VA 1switchPilzSafety switch
PNOZ s9 24VDC 3 n/o t 1 n/c tPilzRelay
PNOZ s7.1 C 24VDC 3 n/o cascadePilzContact expansion module
PNOZ s7.2 C 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c expandPilzContact expansion module
PNOZ s2 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/cPilzSafety relay
PNOZ s4 48-240VACDC 3 n/o 1 n/cPilzSafety switch
PNOZ s4.1 48-240VACDC 3 n/o 1 n/cPilzSafety switch
PNOZ X3 230VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1soPilzSafety switch
PNOZ s7 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/cPilzexpansion module
PNOZ 11 24VAC 24VDC 7n/o 1n/cPilzTime relay
PSWZ X1P 0,5V /24-240VACDC 2n/o 1n/c 2soPilzSafety relay
PNOZ s11 C 24VDC 8 n/o 1 n/cPilzContact block
PNOZ s7 C 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/cPilzSafety relay
PNOZ X2.1 24VAC/DC 2n/oPilzRelay
PNOZ s7.2 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c expandPilzContact Expansion
PNOZs4.124VDC3n/o1 n/cPilzSafety relay
PNOZ mo4p 4n/oPilzKonfigurierbare sichere Kleinsteuerungen PNOZmulti Classic
PNOZ X4 230VAC 3n/o 1n/cPilzsafety relay
PNOZ X2P 48-240VACDC 2n/oPilzSafety relay
P2HZ X1 230VAC 3n/o 1n/cPilzSafety relay
PNOZ X3 24VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1soPilzSafety relay
PNOZ XV2 30/24VDC 2n/o 2n/o tPilzSafety relay
PNOZ e1p 24VDC 2soPilzSafety Switch
PNOZ mc3p Profibus 2PilzPROFIBUS
PSEN cs3.1b 1Pilzsafety switch
PSEN cs1.1n / PSEN cs1.1 1 UnitPilzRFiD Sicherheitsschalter
PNOZ XV3.1P C 30/24-240VACDC 3no 1nc 2noPilzSicherheitsschaltgerät
PNOZ X7 24VACDC 2n/oPilzSafety Switch
PNOZ 2 230VAC 3n/o 1n/cPilzSicherheitsschaltgerät
PNOZ m B0PilzController
PSEN cable axial M12 8-pole 10mPilzUngeschirmtes Kabel PUR
PNOZ X2P 24VACDC 2n/oPilzSicherheitsschaltgerät
PNOZ X3P 24VDC 24VAC 3n/o 1n/c 1soPilz
PNOZ s5 C 48-240VACDC 2 n/o 2 n/o tPilzPNOZsigma Sicherheitsschaltgerät (standalone)
PSWZ X1P 3V /24-240VACDC 2n/o 1n/c 2soPilzSafety Device
PNOZ s4 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/cPilzSafety Device
PNOZ mc9p Profinet IOPilz
PNOZ m1p ETHPilzsafety system
PNOZ mi1p 8 inputPilzsafety system
PSEN cs3.1n 1switchPilzRFiD Safety Switch
PNOZ s10 C 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/cPilz
PNOZ XV3 30/24VDC 3n/o 2n/o tPilzSafety Switch
PSEN cs3.1 M12/8-0.15m 1switchPilz
PSEN cs3.1 M12/8-0.15m/PSEN cs3.1 1UnitPilz
PSEN cs3.1 1 actuatorPilz
PNOZ 8 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 2soPilzSafety switch
PNOZ m3p ETHPilz
PNOZ X2.8P 24VACDC 3n/o 1n/cPilz
PSEN cs3.1b /PSEN cs3.1 1unitPilzSafety Switch
PNOZ X5 24VACDC 2n/oPilzSafety relay
PNOZ XV1P C 3/24VDC 2n/o 1n/o tPilzSicherheitsschaltgerät
PZE 9 230-240VAC 8n/o 1n/cPilzrelay PZE9
PNOZ X2 24VAC/DC 2n/oPilzSafety relay
PNOZ e1vp 10/24VDC 1so 1so tPilzSafety relay
PSEN 2.1b-20/PSEN 2.1-20 /8mm/10m/1unitPilzMagnetischer Sicherheitsschalte
773110Pilzbase unit
PNOZ s6 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/cPilz
PNOZ m1p base unit coated versionPilz
PNOZ s5 48-240VACDC 2 n/o 2 n/o tPilz
PNOZ s7 C 4 n/o 1 n/c coatedPilzRelay
PSWZ X1P C 0,0075-0,5V/24-240VACDCPilzSafety switch
PNOZ mc2.1p EtherCAT 2PilzKonfigurierbare sichere Kleinsteuerunge
PNOZ X4 24VDC 3n/o 1n/cPilzsafety switch
PNOZ X7 230VAC 2n/oPilzsafety relay
PNOZ XV3 3/24VDC 3n/o 2n/o tPilzsafety relay
PZE X4V 2/24VDC 4n/o fixPilzcontact expansion
PNOZ V 30s 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1n/o tPilzsafety relay
773010BPilzBasic licence
PNOZmulti chip card 1 piece 8kB.PilzChipcard
PNOZ m1p Set spring loaded terminalsPilzterminal
PNOZ m1p/m0p plug in screw terminalsPilzterminal
PNOZ e3.1p 24VDC 2soPilzsafety switch
PSS DO SPilzoutput module
PZE X4VP 3/24VDC 4n/o fixPilzContact block
PSEN sg2c-5LPKLE-M12/5 unitPilzSafety door lock system
PSEN cs3.1n / PSEN cs3.1 1 UnitPilzSafety switch
PNOZ XV3P C 3/24 VDC 3n/o 2n/o tPilz
PNOZ XV3.1 300/24-240VACDC 3no 1nc 2no tPilzSafety relay
PNOZ EX 230VAC 3n/o 1n/cPilz
PNOZ XV1P 30/24VDC 2n/o 1n/o tPilz
PSEN ma1.3n-20/PSEN ma1.3-08/8mm/1unitPilz
PSEN ma1.4n-51/PSEN ma1.4-10mm/ 1unitPilz
PNOZ mo1p 4 soPilzsafety E/A modul
PSEN sl-1.0p 1.1 VA/PSEN sl-1.0 1unitPilzsafety system
PIT js2PilzController
PNOZ X3 110VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1soPilzSafetiy Switching Device
PNOZ m EF 8DI4DOPilzmodul
PNOZ m EF PDP LinkPilzModul
PDP67 F 8DI ION VAPilzPDP67 F 8DI ION with stainless steel conection
PZE X4 24VDC 4n/oPilzSafety relay
PSEN op2H-s-30-135/1PilzSafety light barrier
PSEN op2H-s-30-045/1PilzSafety light barrier
PSSu E F PSPilzPower Supply Module
PSEN 2.2p-20 /8mm 1PilzSwitch
PNOZ s7.1 24VDC 3 n/oPilz
PNOZ s4.1 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/cPilzsafety switch

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