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Number Manufacturer Description  
LPF ON 160 G E 5 C 1.2Hydac
LPF ON 160 G E 5 C 1.2 /-A2-B3Hydac
LPF ON 240 G E 10 D 1.2 /-L24-B6Hydac
LPF ON 240 G E 10 D 1.2 /-LEDHydac
LPF ON 240 G E 10 D 1.2 /-LED-B6Hydac
LPF ON 240 G E 10 D 1.2 /-V-L24Hydac
LPF ON 280 G E 20 B 1.2 /-A2-B3Hydac
LPF ON 280 G E 20 B 1.2 /-B6Hydac
LPF ON 280 G E 20 BM 1.2 /-A2Hydac
LPF ON 280 G E 20 C 1.2Hydac
HFS 2145-1W-0005-0015-7-B-1-000Hydac
HFS 2145-1W-0008-0024-7-B-1-000Hydac
HFS 2155-1S-0030-0090-7-B-1-000Hydac
FSA-254-1.0/T/12-SO14 ø19Hydac
FSA-254-1.0/T/12-SO7/SO14 ø19Hydac
FSA-254-1.0/T/12-SO7/SO78 2 x IB BV ø19Hydac
HDA 4185-A-0050-000-F1(psi)Hydac
HDA 4185-B-0050-000-F1(psi)Hydac
HDA 4185-B-0050-000-F2(psi)Hydac
HDA 4185-B-0075-000-F1(psi)Hydac
HDA 4344-B-04,0-000-F1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-0016-000-E1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-0016-000-F1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-0016-031-F1(-1..+15bar)Hydac
HDA 4346-A-0016-AN1-000-F1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-0016-S00-F1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-01,0-000-F1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-01,0-S00-E1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-02,5-000-F1Hydac
HDA 4346-A-04,0-000-F1Hydac
HDA 43Z6-A-0004-G02-000(-1..+3bar)Hydac
HDA 43Z6-A-0009-G01-000(-1..+9bar)Hydac
FSA-176-2.0/-/12-SO14 ø19Hydac
FSA-176-2.0/-/12-SO2 ø19Hydac
FSA-176-2.0/-/12-SO7/SO14 ø19Hydac
HDA 4446-A-100-000Hydac
HDA 4446-A-160-000Hydac
HDA 4446-B-600-031(700bar)Hydac
HDA 4446-F31-0100-000Hydac
HDA 4446-F31-0250-000Hydac
HDA 4446-F31-0400-000Hydac
HDA 4449-A-0600-CNC-000(2m)Hydac
HDA 4474-A-0150-000(PSI)Hydac
HDA 4476-A-3000-AN1-000(psi)Hydac
FSA-127-2.0/-/12-SO14 ø19Hydac
FSA-127-2.0/-/12-SO14 NEUTRAL ø19Hydac
FSA-127-2.0/-/12-SO2 ø19Hydac
FSA-127-2.0/-/12-SO32 NEUTRAL ø19Hydac
FSA-127-2.0/-/12-SO7/SO14 NEUTRAL ø19Hydac
FSA-127-2.0/-/12-SO7/SO78 2 x IB BV ø19Hydac
FSA-254-2.0/-/12-SO7/SO78 2 x IB BV ø19Hydac
FSA-254-2.0/-/12-SO8/SO14 NEUTRAL ø19Hydac
FSA-254-2.0/T/12-SO14 ø19Hydac
FSA-254-2.0/T/12-SO7/SO78 2 x IB BV ø19Hydac
FSA-700-2.0/-/12 ø19Hydac
HDA 43Z6-A-04,0-G01-000Hydac
HDA 4444-A-0400-AN1-000Hydac
HDA 4444-A-060-000Hydac
HDA 4444-A-100-000Hydac
HDA 4444-A-250-000Hydac
HDA 4444-B-100-000Hydac
HDA 4444-B-250-031(200bar)Hydac
HDA 4444-B-3000-000(PSI)Hydac
HDA 4444-B-400-000Hydac
HDA 4445-A-0060-S00Hydac
HDA 4446-B-400-031(315bar)Hydac
HDA 4446-B-600-000Hydac
HRGZ 2 A1 15-15 PA ST M ZNHydac
HRGZ 2 A1 15-15 PAFF A2 MHydac
HRGZ 2 A1 16-16 PA ST M ZNHydac
HRGZ 2 A1 18-18 PP ST M ZNHydac
HRGZ 2 KP 15-18 PPHydac
HRGZ 2 KP 16-16 PAHydac
HRGZ 2 KP 16-16 PPHydac
HRGZ 2 KP 16-18 PPHydac
HRGZ 4 KP 22-28 PPHydac
HRGZ 4 KP 24-28 PPHydac
HRGZ 4 KP 26,6-26,6 PAHydac
HRGZ 4 KP 26,6-26,6 PPHydac
HRL 1 A1 10 PP ST M ZNHydac
HRL 1 A1 12 AL ST M ZNHydac
HRL 1 A1 12 PA ST M ZNHydac
HRL 1 A1 12 PP ST M ZNHydac
HRGS 3 KP 38 PAHydac
HRGS 3 KP 38 PPHydac
HRGS 3 KP 40 PPHydac
HRGS 3 KP 42 PAFFHydac
HRGS 4 KP 55 PA o.V. aufgebohrtHydac
HRS 2 A 26,7 AL ST M ZNHydac

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