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Number Manufacturer Description  
Yv/R26/2 /2M12/rlFotoelektrik PaulyInfra-red light Reflex Optic Head
PT250mA; M232.2Fotoelektrik PaulyPressure transducer
M210.2Fotoelektrik PaulyEncoder
PP2445/308E /e2/q/1stLU5Fotoelektrik PaulyHole-detector receiver
JP191B/R/i/stBi7/115VACFotoelektrik PaulyReflex Light Barrier
stBi7w(e)Fotoelektrik PaulyRight Angle Female Plug
TYPE:JP103/3Fotoelektrik Paulycan not offer
TYPE:G85Fotoelektrik Paulycan not offer
Yv/R26/2/2M12/rl, 3331*04//B7A.1168Fotoelektrik Paulycan not offer for chinese customer
R100BFotoelektrik PaulyRectangular Acrylic Glass Reflectors
PP2445/308S /e4/z3s/2stLU5/24VDCFotoelektrik Pauly
PP2445/308E /e2/1stLU5Fotoelektrik Pauly
PP2445/308E/e2/q/1stLU5Fotoelektrik PaulyHole Detector Receiver
PP2445/308S/e4/q/z3s/2stLU5/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyHole Detector Transmitter
PP83201/2/R/e1/1M16/1M20/z3s/1stLU5/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyPower Supply
1202Vx05Fotoelektrik Pauly
8851x01Fotoelektrik Pauly
8635x01Fotoelektrik Pauly
4350CC1x01Fotoelektrik Pauly
PV21112/2/e2/2M12/1M16/1M20/i/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyControl unit for light barrier
PP2010/3E /R/3M16/24VDC/115VACFotoelektrik PaulyReceiver
PS20R26 /1M16/irFotoelektrik PaulyTransmitter
PP2441qq/220/R28E/e2 /1stLU5Fotoelektrik PaulyReceiver
4350AC2x01Fotoelektrik PaulyAdapter cable
ET103/2000v/e2/y/i/stBi7/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyAdjustable Diffuse-Reflective Sensor active Background Response Suppression, light-/dark-switch
ET103/3000*01 /e2/y/i/p1/stH4/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyAdjustable Diffuse-Reflective Sensor Order-No. 1203M01 active Background Response Suppression,
GFK15TVAFotoelektrik Pauly"Optical fibre cable, Ø4, metal amoured, 300°C; connection end:1xM10/1xD=8mm, all stainless"
GFK2W02TVAFotoelektrik Pauly"Double Optical fibre cable 90°, Ø4/2,5x6, VA coat, 300°C, VA-Version ""length = 15m; stainless s"
JH2Fotoelektrik PaulyOptical Adjustment Tool for Optic diameter 30mm
PP85301 /R/e1/2M20/z3s/1stLU5/115VACFotoelektrik PaulyControl Device
PP2445AC3Fotoelektrik PaulyConversion set stA5
PP83201/2 /e2/1M16/1M20/z3s/1stLU5/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyPower supply 10VA
ET103/2000/e2/y/i/fx/stH4/24VDC+stH4w(e)Fotoelektrik Pauly
AD26SS2Fotoelektrik PaulyHeavy Adjustement System
KW26Fotoelektrik PaulyCooling Water Flange for R26 housing, aluminium
PP2441qq/220/R28S/2stLU5/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyTransmitter for Hole Detector Area 220mm, infrared transmitter
PP2445cc1/5m/1stLU5Fotoelektrik PaulyConnecting Cable , assembled plug (female on one side
PP2445AC1Fotoelektrik PaulyAdapter Cable
PP2092/2E /e2/i/stH7/24VDCFotoelektrik PaulyReceiver
PS20G19 /ir/stH4Fotoelektrik PaulyTransmitter
AD26SS2Fotoelektrik PaulyHeavy adjustment system "Stauff"
PV4071GFK /e2/i/24VDCFotoelektrik Pauly
PP83201/2 /R/e1/1M16/1M20/z3s/1stLU5/230VACFotoelektrik PaulyControl unit
R26SHFotoelektrik PaulyHeavy adjustment flange for R26 & R25-housing
AD26SS1Fotoelektrik Pauly

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