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Information for spare part FCU 500QC1F1H1K2-E

Housing for control cabinet installation, for monitoring and controlling central safety functions in multiple burner systems on industrial furnaces, long service life due to replaceable power module for fail-safe outputs. Display of the program status, unit parameters and flame signal. Manual operating mode. Diagnosis and adjustment of unit parameters via optical interface using PC software BCSoft. EC-type tested and certified, CSA and FM approved, certified for systems up to SIL 3 (compliant with PL e). Series: 500 Mains voltage: 120 V~, 50/60 Hz Valve proving system: With integrated tightness control or POC Capacity control: Modulating capacity control with interface for actuator IC Temperature monitoring: Yes Electrical connection: Spring force connection terminals Market: EU certified, CSA and FM approved, certified for systems up to SIL 3 (compliant with PL e) Individual packaging: Individual packaging 10 Emergency stop: With fault lock-out 12 High gas pressure protection: With fault lock-out 13 Low pressure cut-off: With fault lock-out 15 Air deficiency cut-out: With fault lock-out 19 Safety time during operation: 1 s 20 High temperature operation: With safety temperature monitor (STM) Thermocouple: 22 Type S double thermocouple Pt10Rh-Pt 23 Temperature difference limit value: 50 °C 24 Lower limit for high temperature operation: 750 °C 25 Upper limit of the furnace or flue gas temperature: 350 °C 26 Temperature hysteresis: 50 °C 27 Pre-purge during high temperature operation: Yes 29 Fan switched on in the event of fault: Yes 30 Fan run-up time tGV: 0 s 32 Air flow monitoring during controlled air flow: On; maximum capacity 34 Pre-purge time tPV: 6000 s 35 Air flow monitoring during pre-purge: With fault lock-out 37 Post-purge time tPN: 0 s 38 Air flow monitoring during post-purge: Off; control element to maximum capacity 40 Capacity control: With IC 20 44 Controller enable signal delay time tRF: 0 s 45 Minimum enable time: s: 0 s 46 After operating signal: Controller enable 47 Controller enable (timeout): 60 min. 51 Valve proving system: Tightness test before start-up 53 Tightness control test volume: Vp 54 Tightness control: Pressure reduction Vp2 in standyby 55 Relief valve V3 opening time (tL3): 0 s 56 Measurement time Vp: 20 s 57 Measurement time Vp1 + Vp2: 10 s 58 Measurement time Vp1 + Vp2 + Vp3: 3600 s 59 Valve opening time V1 (tL1): 2 s 60 Valve opening time V2 (tL2): 2 s 62 Minimum pause time tfP: 0 s 63 Switch-on delay time tE: 0 s 65 Filling time before start-up: 0 s 67 Operating time in Manual mode limited to 5 min.: Yes 72 Function of terminal 67: Fault lock-out if no signal from automatic burner control uni

Brand / Manufacturer Elster Kromschröder
Article number FCU 500QC1F1H1K2-E
Description Protective system control
Manufacturer Part Number 88621291
KCCO Article number 18000715
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 10
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