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Number Manufacturer Description  
IFS 110IM-10/1/1TElster KromschröderAutomatic burner control
DG150U-3Elster KromschröderPressure switch for gas
FZE 300Elster Kromschröderelectrode
IC 40A2AR10Elster KromschröderActuator
IFS 135B-3/1/1TElster KromschröderAutomatic burner control unit
VA2,3..W /BElster KromschröderActuator
VAS 1-/15R/NWElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VAS 115/-R/NWElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VAS 1-0/15R/NWElster KromschröderBypass solenoid valve
VA1..W /BElster KromschröderActuator
VA1..W /BElster KromschröderActuator
VA2,3..W /BElster KromschröderActuator
VAV 1-/25R/NWAKElster KromschröderVariable air/gas ratio control with solenoid valveVariable air/gas ratio control with solenoid valve
L4X40 1.4568 geglühtElster KromschröderSpring clip connector
DG 1,5IG-4Elster KromschröderPressure switch for gas
BCU 480T-3/3/1LW3-B1/1Elster KromschröderBurner control unit, series 400
VAS 1T10N/NWGRElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
IC 50-30W20EElster KromschröderActuator
VK 200F10T5HA6L3S2VElster KromschröderFor automatic shut-off
VK 150F10T5HA6L3S2VElster KromschröderFor automatic shut-off
VAS 2T40N/NKGRElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VAS 232R/NQGRElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VAS 125R/NQGRElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VR 50R01LQ6L3DElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
TZI 7,5-20/33WElster KromschröderIgnition transformer
DL 50A-31Elster KromschröderPressure switch
UVS 10D0G1Elster KromschröderUV probe
VK 125F06ZT5A93SElster KromschröderValve
BCU 370WFEU0D1Elster KromschröderBurner control unit
TGI 7,5-12/100WElster KromschröderIgnition transformer
DG 50B-3Elster KromschröderPressure switch
UVS 10L3Elster KromschröderUV-sensor
ZMI 25TB600NElster KromschröderIonisation pilot burner
VCG 1E15R/15R05NGEPL3/PPPP/PPPPElster KromschröderPressure controller
VAS 115/-R/NPElster KromschröderValve
VAG 1-/15R/NPBEElster KromschröderPressure controller
BCU 480T-10/10/2LR8-D2B1/1Elster KromschröderBurner control unit
TC 3N05Q/QElster KromschröderTightness control
ZKIH L300Elster KromschröderFlame Rod
BCU 465-5/1LW3GBD3S3AB1/1E1Elster KromschröderBurner control unit
UVS 10D4G1Elster KromschröderUV-sensor
BCU400.B1/1Elster KromschröderConnector
IFS 110IM-W-10/1/1TElster KromschröderAutomatic burner control unit
Spring 85-105 mbar, whiteElster KromschröderSpring
FCU 500QC1F1H1K2-EElster KromschröderProtective system control
IFD 258-3/1WElster KromschröderAutomatic burner control unit
VAG 240R/NWAEElster KromschröderAir/gas ratio control with solenoid valve
GFK 50F60-6Elster KromschröderGas Filter
75438988Elster KromschröderSpring
DG 10U-3Elster KromschröderPressure switch
IFW 15-NElster KromschröderFlame detector
DL 150A-31Elster KromschröderPressure switch for air
IFD 258-10/1WElster KromschröderAutomatic burner control unit
VGBF 100F10-3Elster KromschröderGovernor for gas
TC 3R05W/WElster KromschröderTightness control
IC - BVA/G/H/LFC/VFC /BElster KromschröderConnecting Set
TC 410-1TElster KromschröderTightness control
VAS 350/-R/NWElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VAS 115R/NWElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VA1..W /BElster KromschröderActuator
ZMI 25B1800RElster KromschröderIonisatin pilot burner / Ionisatinszündbrenner
M18x1,5 L50Elster Kromschröderspark plug / Elektr.Zündkerze
ZMI 25 L1800Elster Kromschröderelectrode rod Tube / Flammschutzrohr für Regler
PFU 760LTDElster KromschröderBurner control / Brennersteuerung
UVS 10D1G1Elster KromschröderUV-Sonde
IFD 244-5/1WElster KromschröderGasfeuerungsautomat
E_10002242Elster KromschröderFlame Sensor
VG 15R02LT31DElster KromschröderGas Solenoid Valve
IFD 244-3/1WElster Kromschröder
VSBV 25R40-4ZElster KromschröderSafety relief valve
IFS 110IM-3/1/1NElster KromschröderBurner control unit
ZKIH 300/100RElster KromschröderPilot burner
Encal3000 Mainboard 2015 komp.Elster KromschröderProcessor Board
IFD 258-5/1WElster KromschröderAutomatic burner control unit
BCU 480T-10/5/2LR3-D3Elster KromschröderBurner control unit, series 400
PFU 760LTDElster KromschröderBurner control unit, series 700
VAS 125R/NKElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
ZAI KElster KromschröderAtmospheric ionization pilot burner
IFW 15-NElster KromschröderFlame detector
TZI 5/15 T ZElster KromschröderIGNITION TRANSFORMER with cable 350mm
ZKIH L300Elster KromschröderIgnition Electrode
BCU570 W/Y F1Elster KromschröderL-module
ZMI 25B800RElster KromschröderIonization pilot burner
VCS 1E25R/25R05NLKGR3/PPPP/PPPPElster KromschröderDouble solenoid valve
VCS 1E25R/25R05NLWGR3/PPPP/PPPPElster KromschröderDouble solenoid valve
TC 3R05W/WElster KromschröderTightness control
VR 50F01NQ6L3D3,0ZElster KromschröderAir solenoid valve
VAS 240R/LQElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
VAS 115R/NQElster KromschröderGas solenoid valve
DG 50U-3Elster KromschröderPressure switch for gas
IFD 450-3/1/1NElster KromschröderGasfeuerungsautomat
ZMI 25G200RElster KromschröderIonization pilot burner
TZI 5-15/100WElster KromschröderIgnition transformer
DG 6B-6Elster KromschröderPressure switch
BIC 125RBL-0/35-(17)EElster Kromschröderburner
BIC 80RBL-0/35-(11)EElster Kromschröderburner
BIC 65RBL-0/35-(82)EElster Kromschröderburner
TV3-N/VASNSO-50/DG/DGElster Kromschröder
BCU 480-5/3/1LR3GBB1/1E1Elster KromschröderBurner control unit

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