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Informations sur la pièce de rechange 100.0030.25

SPGREGSYS Voltage control system REGSys in 19th subrack; completely wired for the accommodation of two voltage regulators REG-D, on terminal blocks; including overall system test, project planning documents, WinREG operating and evaluation software WinREG and connection cable; 2 pieces voltage regulator REG-D Basic version with E-LAN dual interface, COM1, COM2, 16 binary inputs, 10 relay outputs as well as status relay, and the following features: B01 Design: 19" plug-in module I0 Serial interface COM1: RS232 H1 Power supply: AC 90V ... 110V ... 264V / DC 100V ... 220V ... 300V F1 Rated current of measuring inputs: IEN 1A (can be changed later) M1 Voltage and current measurement: 3-wire three-phase current with equal loading ting (1 x U, 1 x I) S0 Recorder functions for mains quantities incl. evaluation software: without K1 Parallel operation: with (including ParaGramer) TM0 Transformer monitoring according to IEC 60354 or IEC 60076: without E00 Analog inputs and outputs: without D1 Binary inputs: 8 x AC/DC 48...250V (BE1 . BE8) and 8 x AC/DC 10..50V (BE9 . BE16) 8 x AC/DC 10..50V (BE25 . BE32) R0 Interface COM 3: without XW0 Control system connection: without Y1 Remote local changeover via keypad: with U0 Status output: closes on fault G1 Operating instructions: German A1 Font on display: German 

Marque / Fabricant A-Eberle
Numéro d'article 100.0030.25
Numéro de pièce du fabricant 5861999
KCCO Numéro d'article 10115417
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 0