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Informationen zum Ersatzteil S-BL

for pumps with brushless DC-motor programmable controller, for continuous and discrete dosage, program memory for stand-alone operation, potentiometer for speed control, two colored LED status indicator, software for continuous and discrete dosage, null-modem cable for PC-connection nominal voltage: 24 V DC (12-30 V DC) speed range: 1-6000 rpm electrical connection: pin headers, 8-pole number analog inputs: 1 (0-10 V for speed control) number digital inputs: 1 (24 V) number digital outputs: 1 (programmable) serial Interface: RS-232 installation kit for top hat rail: 35 mm protective class: IP20 with 92 00 24 49 Customized drive programming as mcl-file for micro annular gear pump, programmable with Motion Manager software, standard program for mzr-11508X1, delivery on CD

Marke / Hersteller HNP
Hersteller-Teilenummer S-BL
Beschreibung Controller
Hersteller-Artikelnummer 66020105
KCCO-Artikelnummer 16001879
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 10