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Información sobre la pieza de recambio GSG3254-3N-SP

Installation location: outdoor installation Cooling: natural convection resistance value [Ohm] at 20°C: 3 x 1,3 Resistance material: silicided cast iron Current [A]: 2 x 38 = 76 Duty cycle [%]: 100 Protection class: similar to IP23, but without bottom plate Housing design: steel, sendzimier galvanized, unpainted Circuit diagram: WIN 53927 Specification: 2/3PR3884-3N-SP / Ref. at. No.: 87090440 / Ref. at. 84746040 Cast iron resistor unit with standard rain cover without bird screen, with air baffle System Siemens 2/3PR3884-3N-SP, IP 23 three-phase, two boxes mounted one above the other cast elements sprayed with zinc primer side parts in sendzimier galvanized execution stainless steel roofing sheets, GINO system Stainless steel cladding sheets with gills Siemens system, / Mat.: 87090440 - Taps / connections only at the resistor beginning and end - Star point wired - 3 pieces nickel-plated copper bridges for parallel connection of the two boxes - with four eyebolts in the roof for mounting drawing: G00029M2 / WIN53927 Weight approx.: 142 kg Dimensions (L x W x H) approx.: 875 mm x 437 mm x 630 mm

Marca / Fabricante GINO
Número de pieza del fabricante GSG3254-3N-SP
Descripción Casting resistance
Número de pieza del fabricante 113034
KCCO Número de artículo 10088476
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 0
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