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Code: IEC/2/50/15 kW400/690/B35160M/3/55/S/X/-/W/-/W/W/S as pre-delivery 23-15-254621 Execution: Casing with clamp ring - KLM Hygienic Standard Wet end parts in Cr-Ni-Mo-Steel (AISI 316 series) Design: horizontal, single stage pump in Bloc version with stub shaft, motor with stainless steel shroud Stainless steel shroud with GEA company logo Installation: on base frame with machine pads Compensation height Euro-HYGIA II Bloc h2=220 mm ±10 mm Painting colour: RAL 9005 Performance: Q = 40 m³/h, H = 58 m Ws Medium: Bier / CIP Impeller(s): semi-open impeller 2309 @ 220 mm Shaft seal: single mechanical seal hard carbon / stainless steel / EPDM Elastomers: EPDM Connections: Diameter DNE 100 Diameter DNA 80 Connection DNE: DIN 11851 Threaded Male Connection DNA: DIN 11851 Threaded Male Position DNE/DNA: axial/tangential top, 12:00 o'clock Materials: Casing/casing parts: AISI 316 series, Ra 3.2 μm Impeller(s): AISI 316L - 1.4404 - Ra 3.2 μm Shaft: 1.4571 - AISI 316TI, Ra 1.6 μm (product contacted part) Shroud: AISI 304 - 1.4301 Calotte holder: AISI 304 - 1.4301 Bearing bracket/Lantern: stainless steel - AISI 316 Motor: three-phase motor with PTC thermistor Size: 160M Vendor: our choice Performance: 15 Speed: 2900 rpm Voltage: 400VD/690VY (± 5%) Frequency: 50 Hz Protection class: IP55 Efficiency class: IE3 Iso-class.: F Design: IM B35 - flange motor on motor foot Terminal box position: on top, 12:00 o'clock Ex protection: w/o Rated voltage: 400 V Test bed acceptance: Performance acceptance test following ISO 9906: 2012, Grade 2B Documents: Pump test report, Operating manual, Declaration of CE conformity

Marca / Fabricante GEA
Número de pieza del fabricante HYGIA II K KYS 100/80/15/2
Descripción End suction stainless steel pump, cr-ni-mo steel
KCCO Número de artículo 10056696
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 10
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