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Number Manufacturer Description  
NPY-2051.0872SPECK Pumpenpump complete with motor
DS 960.0011SPECK PumpenPump
SKG-5001-XXSPECK Pumpenside-channel pump
Y-2951.0078SPECK Pumpenpump
21-41/03 K "IM"SPECK PumpenPump
HT/CY-6091.0173SPECK PumpenPump
NP 25/11-700RSPECK PumpenPlungerpumpe
43.41 RSPECK PumpenSeal
IN-VB 4-70SPECK PumpenPump (incl. Motor)
QY-1042.0005SPECK PumpenMiniature Centrifugal Pump
DS 720.0007ASPECK PumpenRotary Vane Pump
DS 720.0007SPECK PumpenRotary Vane Pump
UL221/100SPECK PumpenUnloader Valve
NPY-2051.0422SPECK Pumpenpump complete with motor 0,25kW, 230V, 2800 min-1
P21/5-450SPECK PumpenPlunger Pump with Free Shaft
NP 10/10-150SPECK PumpenPlunger Pump
14.0013SPECK PumpenRepair Set
14.0344SPECK PumpenRepair Set
HT/CY-6091.0173ASPECK PumpenPump
NP 25/15-500RSPECK PumpenPlunger pump
MZ 40-2-1005SPECK Pumpenpump complete with IE3 / 3~Motor
TOE/CY-6091.0966SPECK PumpenHeat transfer oil pump
Pos 58CSPECK PumpenHexagon Screw
Pos. 58SPECK PumpenPlug
NPY-2051.0515SPECK PumpenSmall centrifugal pump in close-coupled design
CY-4281.0601SPECK PumpenPeripheral gear pump MM
CY-4281.0924SPECK PumpenSmall centrifugal pump in close-coupled design
V 155-35.0039SPECK Pumpen
CY-4281.0214ASPECK PumpenSmall centrifugal pump in close-coupled design
NP 25/25-250SPECK PumpenPlunger pump
LNY-2841.0013SPECK Pumpen
TOE/CY-6091.0911SPECK PumpenOil Pump
43.41 RSPECK Pumpenmechanical seal
1412.0388SPECK Pumpeno-ring
CY-4281.1089SPECK Pumpenblock pump
NPY-2051.0507SPECK Pumpencentrifugal pump
V 95-55.0102SPECK PumpenFlüssigkeitsring-Vakuumpumpe in Blockbauform
Super Pump Premium 12 Swim-tecSPECK PumpenSelbstansaugende Filterumwälzpumpe
1330.0004SPECK PumpenLagerträger zur VH 500/600
CY-5091.0021SPECK PumpenDiscontinued product
18.12-RSPECK PumpenGleitringdichtung
V-155-55.1102SPECK PumpenFlüssigkeitsring-Vakuumpumpe in Blockbauform
MZ 35-2.1004SPECK PumpenHorizontale, normalsaugende Kreiselpumpe in Blockbauweise
TM-401-110.0005SPECK PumpenPump
NPY-2051.0936SPECK PumpenPump
NPY-2251-MK.0003SPECK PumpenRotary Pump
MY2-8000.0026SPECK PumpenSpeck pump complete with DC motor 0,08kW, 24V, 9000min-1, IP52
NP 25/41-170SPECK PumpenPlungerpumpe
NP25/11R 12R 15RSPECK Pumpenrepair set valve
NP 10/7-150RESPECK Pumpenplunger pump with free shaft, in stainless steel 1.4571, Max. 150bar
CY-4281.1129SPECK Pumpenpump complete with motor IE3
Y-2051.0024SPECK PumpenSmall centrifugal pump in block design complete with motor
NP 25/25-250SPECK PumpenPlunger pump with free shaft
MY2-8000.0029SPECK PumpenPUMP with motor 24V
HT/CY-6091.0082ASPECK Pumpenonly PUMP HEAD
Y-2051.0267SPECK PumpenSmall centrifugal pump in block design complete with motor
TOE/CY-6091.0159SPECK Pumpenspecial pump, can´t offer
Model:TOE/CY-6091.M0006SPECK Pumpenspeical only for chinese market, can´t offer
type Y-2501-2014SPECK Pumpencan not offer
UL 181/400RSPECK PumpenUnloader valve
Model: V6-GRD.0038 / Pump No. 1000727194SPECK Pumpencustomer protected
14.0732/14.0397/00.5880SPECK Pumpenrepair kit cpl. for NP25/41-170
CY-5091.0168SPECK PumpenKleinkreiselpumpe in Blockbauweise
Ersatzteil zur P71SPECK PumpenConnecting rod cpl.
CY-4081.0980SPECK PumpenKleinkreiselpumpe in Blockbauweise
TM-601-150.0060SPECK PumpenEintauchpumpe, normalsaugend
CY-4281.0339SPECK Pumpencentrifugal pupm
P71/110-250RSPECK PumpenPlunger Pump
P30/43-130DSPECK PumpenPump

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