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Number Manufacturer Description  
FL SWITCH SFNB 8TXPhoenix ContactNetwork switch
FBST 500-PLC BUPhoenix ContactContinuous Plug-in Bridge
E/AL-NS 35Phoenix ContactEnd Clamp
QTCU 1,5Phoenix ContactFeed-through terminal block
D-QTCU 1,5Phoenix ContactEnd cover
FBS 2-16Phoenix ContactPlug-in bridge
NS 35/15 PERF 2000MMPhoenix ContactDIN rail perforated
CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 10SPhoenix ContactCrimping pliers
THERMOMARK-RIBBON 110Phoenix ContactInk ribbon
PLT-SEC-T3-230-PPhoenix ContactOvervoltage protection plug
SACC-M12FS-5CON-PG 7-MPhoenix ContactConnector
IBS STME 24 BK RB-TPhoenix ContactReplacement electronics module
MINI MCR-2-UI-UI-PTPhoenix ContactSignal conditioner
PSM-EG-RS232/TTY-P/2KPhoenix ContactInterface converter
2891673Phoenix ContactNetwork switch
MCR-SL-S-200-I-LPPhoenix ContactCurrent transducer
C PX A 605X405X252Phoenix ContactTerminal box
AE MP SH CP 400X600Phoenix ContactMounting plate
AE EMB CP 1Phoenix ContactFixing bracket
QUINT-PS/1AC/48DC/ 5Phoenix ContactPower supply
FL SWITCH 2105Phoenix ContactSwitch
MINI MCR-2-UI-I-OLP-PT-CPhoenix ContactIsolator
QUINT-ORING/24DC/2X20/1X40Phoenix ContactPower supply
PSR-SCP-24UC/ESL4/3X1/1X2/BPhoenix ContactSafety relay
MINI MCR-2-F-UIPhoenix ContactFrequency transmitter
PLC-RSC- 24DC/21AUPhoenix ContactRelay module
TTC-6P-1X2-12DC-PT-IPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
SFP 1-10/120ACPhoenix ContactEMC filter surge protection device
TTC-6-FMRS-PTPhoenix ContactRemote signaling set module
TTC-6P-3-HF-F-M-12DC-PT-IPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
TTC-6P-2X1-24DC-PT-IPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
FL SWITCH SFN 6GT/2LXPhoenix ContactEthernet switch
EMG 10-REL/KSR-G 24/21-LCUPhoenix ContactRelay module
TT-2-PE-110ACPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
TT-2-PE- 24DCPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
MCR-C-UI-UI-DCIPhoenix ContactSignal conditioner
CBM E4 24DC/0.5-10A NO-RPhoenix ContactCircuit breaker
TRIO-PS/1AC/48DC/10Phoenix ContactPower supply
PSR-SCP-24DC/ESD/5X1/1X2/300Phoenix ContactSafety relay
PSR-SCP- 24DC/ESP4/2X1/1X2Phoenix ContactSafety relay
PSM-ME-RS232/RS485-PPhoenix Contactinterface converter
FL SWITCH SF 7TX/FXPhoenix ContactNetwork switch
QUINT-BUFFER/24DC/20Phoenix ContactBuffer module
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/ 5Phoenix ContactCurrent transformer
HC-M-PN3-4,00-STPhoenix ContactPneumatic contact element
UMK- 8 RM24DC/MKDSPhoenix ContactRelay module
SIM-ERSN-HB-KSR/METPhoenix ContactRetaining bracket
REL-MR- 24DC/21HCPhoenix ContactRelay
ELR H5-IES-SC-230AC/500AC-2Phoenix ContactHybrid motor starter
VIP-2/PT/FLK14/LED/PLCPhoenix ContactPassive module
MINI MCR-SL-2CP-I-I-SPPhoenix ContactIsolator
SAC-5P-10,0-PUR/M12FS SHPhoenix ContactSensor/actuator cable
SAC-8P-10,0-PUR/M12FSPhoenix ContactSensor/actuator cable
DEK-OE- 5DC/ 24DC/100KHZ-GPhoenix ContactSolid-state relay terminal block
FL SWITCH SFN 8TXPhoenix ContactEthernet Switch
VAL-SEC-T2-1S-350-FM type: 2Phoenix ContactSurge arrester
IB IL 24 DI 16-PACPhoenix ContactInline Terminal
VAL-SEC-T2-1S-350-FMPhoenix ContactSwitch
MINI MCR-SL-RPS-I-IPhoenix ContactRepeater power supply
VAL-MS 1000DC-PV-STPhoenix ContactType 2 surge protection plug
PSI-MOS-DNET CAN/FO 850/BMPhoenix ContactFiber optic converter
PSR-SCP- 24DC/RSM4/4X1Phoenix Contact
MINI-PS-100-240AC/24DC/1Phoenix Contact
TRIO-PS/1AC/24DC/10Phoenix ContactPower supply
MSTBC 2,5/ 3-STZF-5,08 BD:1-3Phoenix ContactCircuit board connector
MSTBC2,5/ 6-STZF-5,08 BD:1-6Phoenix ContactCircuit board Connector
MSTBC2,5/ 8-STZF-5,08 BD:1-8 - 1726703Phoenix ContactCircuit board connector
MSTBC-MT 0,5-1,0Phoenix ContactAccessory
MINI MCR-SL-PT100-UI-NCPhoenix ContactResistance thermometer measuring transducer
MCR-S-10/50-UI-SW-DCIPhoenix ContactCurrent Transducer
PSI-MOS-PROFIB/FO 850 T-SOPhoenix ContactFO converters
MINI-PS-100-240AC/10-15DC/2Phoenix ContactPower Supply
QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/ 5Phoenix Contactpower supply
QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/20Phoenix ContactPower Supply
QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/40Phoenix Contactpower supply
FL SWITCH LM 4TX/2FXPhoenix ContactIndustrial Ethernet Switch
GW HART USB MODEMPhoenix ContactKabeladapter
STEP-UPS/24DC/24DC/3/46WHPhoenix ContactUnterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung
SACB-8/16-L-C GG SCOPhoenix ContactSensor-/Aktor-Box-groud housing
PR2-RSC3-LDP-24DC/4X21AUPhoenix ContactRelaismodul
RAD-2400-IFSPhoenix ContactWireless Module
RAD-DI8-IFSPhoenix ContactI/O extension module
RAD-DO8-IFSPhoenix ContactI/O extension module
UK 5-MTK-P/PPhoenix ContactKnife disconnect terminal block
SAC-5P-15,0-920/M12FSPhoenix ContactBus system cable
SAC-5P-M12MS/15,0-920/M12FSPhoenix ContactBus system cable
PLC-RPT- 24DC/21Phoenix ContactRelay Module
2708119Phoenix ContactD-sub bus connector
SACC-M12FR-4CON-PG 7-VAPhoenix Contactconnector
SACC-M12FS-4CON-PG 7-VAPhoenix Contactconnector
QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/ 2.5Phoenix ContactPower Supply
ELR W3/ 9-500Phoenix Contactrelay
REL-MR- 60DC/21AUPhoenix ContactRelay
PLC-BPT- 60DC/21Phoenix ContactRelay base
FLKM 14-PA-S300Phoenix ContactFrontadapter
FLKM 50-PA-S300Phoenix ContactFrontadapter
FLK 14/EZ-DR/ 600/KONFEKPhoenix ContactCable
FLK 14/EZ-DR/ 800/KONFEKPhoenix ContactCable
FLK 50/EZ-DR/ 850/KONFEKPhoenix ContactCable

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