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Number Manufacturer Description  
IB IL SCN 6-SHIELD-TWINPhoenix ContactInline shield connector
IB IL SCN-PWR IN-CPPhoenix ContactInline connector
IB IL SCN-8Phoenix ContactInline connector
FL RUGGED BOXPhoenix ContactControl box
QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/ 5Phoenix ContactPower supply
SAC-3P- 5,0-PUO/A-1L-Z ODPhoenix Contact
EEM-MA770Phoenix Contactmeasuring unit
MACX MCR-SL-CAC-12-I-UPPhoenix ContactCurrent Measuring Transducer
ELR H3-IES-SC- 24DC/500AC-9Phoenix ContactMotor starter
THERMOMARK ROLL 2.0Phoenix Contact
MINI-PS-100-240AC/10-15DC/2Phoenix Contactpower supply
MACX MCR-VDCPhoenix Contact
EMD-FL-V-300Phoenix ContactRelay
SAC-4P- 5,0-PUR/M 8FRPhoenix ContactSensor-/Aktor-cable
SAC-3P- 5,0-PUR/M 8FR-2LPhoenix ContactSensor-/Aktor-cable
SAC-3P-M 8MS/ 2,0-PUR/M 8FSPhoenix ContactSensor-/Aktor-cable
SACC-M12FS-5CON-PG 7-MPhoenix ContactConnector
QUINT-PS/1AC/48DC/ 5Phoenix ContactPower supply
MINI MCR-SL-NAM-2RNOPhoenix ContactSchaltverstärker
SUBCON-PLUS-PROFIB/PG/SC2Phoenix ContactD-SUB bUS connector
MINI-PS-100-240AC/24DC/1.3Phoenix Contact
OPT-24DC/ 24DC/ 2Phoenix ContactSolid State Relay
TRIO-PS/3AC/24DC/40Phoenix Contact
UK 1,5 NPhoenix ContactFeed-through terminal block
UK 1,5 N BUPhoenix ContactFeed-through terminal block
unknownPhoenix Contact
unknownPhoenix Contact
unknownPhoenix Contact
NS 35/15 UNPERF 2000MMPhoenix Contact
UK 2,5 N BUPhoenix ContactFeed-through terminal block
FBRI 2-5 NPhoenix ContactBridge
FBRI 10-5 NPhoenix ContactBridge
unknownPhoenix Contact
PTRV 8 /RDWHPhoenix ContactTerminal
UKK 5Phoenix ContactDouble-level terminal block
QUINT4-PS/3AC/24DC/5Phoenix ContactPower supply
REL-MR- 60DC/21Phoenix Contact
RIF-2-BSC/4X21Phoenix Contact
RIF-2-RPT-LDP-24DC/4X21 AUPhoenix Contact
PLC-RSC- 24UC/21-21AUPhoenix Contact
GTF 76/ 48Phoenix Contact
GTF 76/230Phoenix Contact
FL SWITCH GHS 4G/12Phoenix ContactEthernet switch
UT 6Phoenix ContactFeed-through terminal block
UT 10Phoenix ContactFeed-through terminal block
SACC-M12MS-4CON-PG 7-MPhoenix Contactconnector
SACC-M 8FS-3CON-M-SWPhoenix ContactConnectors
SACC-M 8FR-3CON-MPhoenix Contact
ELR H3-I-PT- 24DC/500AC-2Phoenix Contact
SACC-M 8MS-4CON-M-SWPhoenix Contact
UT 2,5 WHPhoenix ContactClamp
RAD-CABLE-USBPhoenix ContactCable
EMG 10-REL/KSR-G 24/21-LCUPhoenix ContactRelay module
SACC-M12FS-4PL MPhoenix Contactconnector
PLC-BPT- 24DC/21Phoenix Contactrelay base
PLC-RSC-230UC/21-21Phoenix ContactRelay module
UT 6-TMC M 2APhoenix ContactThermomagnetischer Geräteschutzschalter
TT-2-PE-110ACPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
TT-2-PE- 24DCPhoenix ContactSurge protection device
SACB-8/16-L-C GG SCO PPhoenix Contactsensor-/actuator box
SACB-C-H180-8/16-10,0PUR SCO PPhoenix Contactconnector hood
UMKS- 8 IMPhoenix Contactinterface module
SAC-4P-25,0-600/M12FR HDPhoenix Contactsensor-/actuator cable
SAC-4P-10,0-600/M12FS HDPhoenix Contactsensor-/actuator cable
PSR-SPP- 24DC/RSM4/4X1Phoenix Contactsafety device
SAC-4P-25,0-600/M12FS HDPhoenix Contactsensor-/actuator cable
RF-12P2N8A90DUPhoenix Contactcoupler connector
SF-10KP004Phoenix Contactcrimp contact
SAC-8P-20,0-540/M12FS YE VAPhoenix Contactsensor-/actuator cable
REL-MR- 24AC/21-21Phoenix ContactRelay
1212503Phoenix ContactTOOL-CARRIER
VAL-MS 230 STPhoenix Contactsurge protection plug
QUINT-DC-UPS/24DC/20Phoenix ContactUninterrupted Power Supply
UT 2,5-PE/L/LPhoenix ContactTerminal Block
UT 4-PE/L/HESILED 24 (5X20) 120 KOHMPhoenix ContactFuse Terminal
EMG 17-REL/KSR-W230/21-21-LCPhoenix Contactrelay module
ATP-UKPhoenix Contactpartition plate
EA 5-WSPhoenix Contactcover
SLKK 5Phoenix Contactdouble-level terminal block
VIOK 1,5-D/TG/D/PEPhoenix Contactinstallation ground terminal block
DOKD 1,5-TGPhoenix Contactsensor/actuator terminal block
DOK 1,5-2DPhoenix Contactsensor/actuator terminal block
ST-K 4Phoenix Contactisolating plugs
DOKD 1,5-TGPhoenix Contactsensor/actuator terminal block
MACX MCR-SL-RPSSI-I-SPPhoenix Contactpower/input isolating amplifier
EMD-SL-PH-400Phoenix Contactmonitoring relay
VAL-MS/2+0-BEPhoenix Contactsurge protection base element
PT 1X2-BEPhoenix Contactsurge protection base element
PT 1X2-24DC-STPhoenix Contactsurge protection plug
QUINT4-PS/1AC/48DC/5Phoenix Contactpower supply
QUINT4-DIODE/12-24DC/2X20/1X40Phoenix ContactDiode
IB ST 24 DI32/2Phoenix ContactI/O Module
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/ 5Phoenix ContactCurrent transformer
SAC-3P-M 8MS-M 8FR-2L/180/1.0Phoenix ContactSensor-/Actuator Cable
SAC-3P-M 8MS-M 8FS/180/1.5Phoenix ContactSensor-/Actuator Cable
SOL-SC1-16ST-0-F1-SD-21Phoenix ContactGenerator Connection Box
PLT-SEC-T3-230-PPhoenix ContactOvervoltage protection plug
IBS STME 24 BK RB-TPhoenix ContactReplacement electronics module

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