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Number Manufacturer Description  
V11RPB4-1-2D-02ZC+02Z-A0500C01k-A0500GessmannMuli-axis controller
V11.1RB4-5D-02ZC-A0500C01KGessmannMuli-axis controller
V11LB4-5D-02ZC+02ZC-A0500C01KGessmannMuli-axis controller
V5LM-4Z+4Z-A060GessmannMulti-axis controller
V62L-04Z+04Z-A140GessmannMulti-axis controller
V62LPM-04Z+04Z-A140GessmannMulti-axis controller
KEA/75GessmannContact element
V14LP-02ZC+02ZC-A050C63KGessmannMulti-axis controller
TN 5130200456GessmannMulti-axis controller V8 left
OEC 2-1-1-B-W1GessmannOpto-Electronic Encoder
GE1-3-4-U5-X-4x45°GessmannGear limit switch GE1
V11.1RB4-5D-02ZC-A0500C01KGessmannMulti-axis controller
V62R S3 P T -02Z+02Z -A050 +A050GessmannMulti-axis controller V62 right
V62R S3 P T -01Z+01Z -A05 +A05GessmannMulti-axis controller V62 right
KMD 66GessmannGaiter
V11RPB4-1-2D-02ZC+02Z-A0500C01k-A0500 KHN/95GessmannRight joystick
V11L-RB4-1-2D-02ZC+02ZC-211 KHN/94GessmannLeft joystick
V11LB4-5D-02ZC+02ZC-A0500C01K KHN/132GessmannLeft joystick
V62R-02Z+02Z-A050+A050GessmannMulti-axis controller V62 right
VV64LB3-3D A13-03ZP+03ZP-A99-P465GessmannMulti-axis controller VV64 left
VV64LB3-3D A13-03ZP+03ZP-A99-P125GessmannMulti-axis controller VV64 left
VV61LB1-D-02Z-A050GessmannMulti-axis controller VV61 left
VV62LB1T-01ZP+01ZP-A05P134GessmannMulti-axis controller VV62 left
GE1-18-8-X-U5GessmannGear limit switch
W1012986-020GessmannComposite drive
VV64LB3D-03Z(P)+03Z(P)-A99 KBY 456 2x130°GessmannMulti-axis controller
VV64LB3-3D A13-03ZP+03ZP-A99-P99GessmannMulti-axis controller VV64 left
VV64LB3-3D A13-03Z(P)+03Z(P)-A99Gessmann
GE1-7-8-U7-X-4x30°, 4x60°GessmannGear limit controller GE1

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