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Number Manufacturer Description  
R22-R404A-R507 SaugGEAPressure gauge
12.15.324GEAPressure gauge
TM15J2BAM/52/66GEAValve control head
2AR4 186/240GEATransformer Oil Pump
LWC 150S HGEAPlate Heat Exchanger
221-120.03GEAactuator DD
221-000825GEAseal set T_RC DN80/65 FKM
224-001353GEAseal set BFV-7 SS 4"OD FKM
224-001341GEAseal set BFV-7 SS 2"OD FKM
224-001333GEAseal set BFV-7 SS 1"OD FKM
224-001409GEAseal set BFV-7 VV 4"OD FKM
224-001337GEAseal set BFV-7 SS 1,5"OD FKM
630498252EGEAtemperature sensor
HYGIA II K KYS 100/80/15/2GEAEnd suction stainless steel pump, Cr-Ni-Mo steel
SES.P2EXE/43/52/65GEAConnection Head for Valve
TM15J2AAA/52/66GEAConnection Head for Valve
ECO 125/5GEAActuator
EL DN65 1.4404GEAHousing
N.S 100 EPDMGEAseal set
W.S DN80 EPDMGEAseal set
W.S DN100 EPDMGEAseal set
TM15J2BAM/52/66GEAConnection head for valve
221-762.124GEAvalve disk S-FM DN100/100 1.4404
762998212GEAseal ring
CLT DN65GEALift actuator
T-smart 7GEAdisc valve
TM15P2BAM/52/66GEAconnection head for valve
TU/95 DN100 EPDMGEAScheibenventildichtung
TU/95 DN65 EPDMGEAScheibenventildichtung
TM15P2BAM/52/66GEAdisc valve
TM15P2BAM/52/66GEAdisc valve
TM15P2BAM/52/66GEAdisc valve
replacment for 221-589.20GEAinterface module T.VIS M 24VDC/S3
BFV-7 SS 2,5"OD FKMGEAseal set BFV-7 SS 2,5"OD FKM
seal set BFV-7 SS 3"OD FKMGEA
221-589.24GEAbus module T.VIS M AS-interface
512-151GEAsolenoid valve 3/2-WEGE 24VDC
BFV-7/KPL/screw 83/V10GEAactuator
627500015GEAposition sensor
TM15I2AAA/52/66GEAConnection Head
28 EJF-80GEASeal ring
113x4 E7502GEAO-Ring
VT20 L EPDMGEASeal frame (4335125)
VT20 EPDMGEASeal ring (4300993)
W.S DN50 EPDMGEAseal set
TM15P2AAA/52/66GEAConnection head for valve

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