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Number Manufacturer Description  
6519Burkert5/2-, 5/3- or 3/2 -Way Pilot Solenoid Valve
Type 8136BurkertRadar Transmitter
Type 8041BurkertFlow Controller
S030BurkertFlow Sensor
Type SET8BurkertProgramming module + cover
Type SET8BurkertAdapter flange ANSI 4'' / FKM
Type 2000BurkertActuator for Seat Valve
Type 0255Burkert2/2 Way Solenoid Valve
6213-EV-A40,0BBMSGM88-K-230/50-16 *NA38Burkert2/2-way-solenoid valve, servo coupled
Type 8697BurkertControl Head
Type 2000Burkert2/2 Way Angled Seat Valve
Type 0142Burkert2/2 Way Solenoid Valve
Type 8693BurkertProcess Regulator
Type 8222BurkertConductivity Transmitter
5413Burkert4/2 Way Solenoid Valve
8640-11-24-00-00-00-00-MPL-BK-00-00-00Burkertvalve island 8640 11mm 12-bank
6525-H04,0-FM14-0000-ZO-024/BA-AA *JB17+JF80Burkert5/2-way-pneumatic valve 10 mm
nt available in Europe -Please contact your local agancyBurkert
418950BurkertConductivity meter
121817 // Type 0211Burkert2/2 Way Solenoid Valve
Type SE35Burkertflow transmitter
Typ 8045BurkertInsertion MID Durchflusstransmitter
8644-11-24-00-00-00-00-000-SI-00-00-00BurkertValve Block
Type: 6014Burkert
6281-EV-A40,0BBVAGM89-5-230/56-08Burkert2/2 ways SOLENOID VALVE
2300-A2-15,0EE-VAGM84-G-M-AAN1-FA03*Burkert2/2-way-angle seat control valve
5281BurkertKITS DN25 NBR;SET3-5281-000-25,0BB000000-00624018
6281-EV-A20,0FFMSGM85-6-024/DC-03 *;KR58+NA38+PB09Burkert2/2-way solenoid valve; servo-controlled
Type 2000Burkert
Type 2000Burkert
Type: 5470Burkert
6213-EV-A25,0AAMSGM86-K-BCY/AC-LU * CZ05+PW02Burkert2/2-way-solenoid valve, servo coupled
SET3-6213-000-25,0AAMSZA00-00644225BurkertWearing part set DN25 EPDM AC MS
Typ 2300-203496Burkert2/2 Seat control valve
Type 8694BurkertPositioner
Type 2030Burkert
Type 2030Burkert
Type 2030Burkert
Type 2000Burkert
Type S077Burkert
6014-C02,0FFVAGM81-5-024/UC-07 *JA11+PX22+PX42Burkert3/2-way-solenoid valve, direct acting
Type: 6524Burkert3/2 Way Solenoid Valve
Typ 0330BurkertSolenoid valve
5282Burkert2/2 Way-valve
5282Burkert2/2 Way-valve
Typ 0330Burkert3/2-Way valve
Type 8693Burkert
2000-I-2-40,0-EE-RG-GM88-B-E *MS74+PX51Burkert2/2-way angle seat valve, pneu. operated
Type: 0330Burkert2/2 Way Valve
Type 2000Burkert2/2 Way Seat Valve
Type 8701BurkertMass Flowmeter for Gases
Type 2000BurkertPneumatic Actuated 2/2 Seat Valve
Type 2000BurkertPneumatic Actuated 2/2 Seat Valve
Type 2101BurkertPneumatic Actuated 2/2 Seat Valve
2516BurkertCable plug
6213BurkertMembrane valve
0330-E-03,0-FF-PD-GM82-230/UC-CD * CZ05+JJ12+JW10Burkert3/2-way-solenoid valve
8802BurkertProcess control system
Typ 8798BurkertRemote Sensor
Typ 0311BurkertValve
Typ 6013BurkertValve
Type 8025BurkertTransmitter
Typ ME01BurkertEL FBM Profibus DPV1 IP20 TIO (Master)
Typ NORMBurkertSV-DV STB 3x 5PL M12x1 Profi-Bus Y-Stück
Typ ME01BurkertEL FBM PROFIBUS DPV1 IP20 RIO(Master)
Typ ME01BurkertEL BM 6-FOLD VOUTP 19 MM IP54
Typ ME01BurkertEL GM 12-Fach Kl.Eing 19mm
Typ 6014BurkertMagnetventil, direktwirkend
Typ 0330BurkertMagnetventil, direktwirkend
KOMPBurkertController Unit
Type 2000Burkert2/2 Way Angled Seat Valve
Type 5282BurkertValve
Typ 0330BurkertMagnetventil
Typ 8025BurkertInsertion flow transmitter
Typ 2000Burkert2/2-Wege-Schrägsitzventil
5282-00-A32,0BBMSFD01-0-024/DC-08 *AF26Burkert
6281Burkert2/2 Directional valve
Typ: 6013Burkert2/2 Way Valve
Type 6281Burkert2/2-way-solenoid valve
6213Burkert2/2 Directional valve
Typ 6511Burkert5/2-way solenoid valve for pneumatics
Typ 6014Burkert3/2-way valve
Typ 0330BurkertValve
Type 8697Burkert
Type AC10BurkertSolenoid Coil
Typ 0330Burkert3/2-Wege-Magnetventil
6430BurkertSolenoid Valve
Typ 8619BurkertPH&COND - Panel
Typ 6011BurkertMagnetventil
Typ 8644BurkertVentilblock
Typ 8644BurkertVentilblock
Typ 8222BurkertTransmitter

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