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Number Manufacturer Description  
XEKA21101Beko TechnologiesWear Part Set
KA14C10A0Beko TechnologiesSteam Traps
BEKOMAT 33U P stand-aloneBeko TechnologiesCondensate drain
4047969Beko TechnologiesBoard control
KA20KC0A0 BEKOMAT 20 NBeko Technologiescondensate drain
XEKA13101Beko TechnologiesSpare Part Set for BEKOMAT3
XEKA12101Beko Technologiesspare part kit
KA13N10ATBeko TechnologiesSteam trap
KT1401000Beko TechnologiesOil-water separator ÖWAMAT 14
KA13N40ATBeko TechnologiesSteam trap
RSB4FABLA3002Beko TechnologiesCompressed air cooler
XEKA13101Beko TechnologiesWearing parts kit
FHP710X5Beko TechnologiesFilter element
FHP710X1Beko TechnologiesFilter element
XEKA16203Beko TechnologiesValve unit complete
XEKA12005Beko TechnologiesHood upper part complete
BEKOMAT 32U VBeko TechnologiesSteam trap
KA13A10A0Beko TechnologiesBEKOMAT 13 Condensate drain
KA16C60Z0Beko TechnologiesCondensate Drain BEKOMAT 16 CO
XVKT14CF1Beko TechnologiesOEKOSORB filter set for ÖWAMAT 14
BEKOMAT 32U P stand-aloneBeko TechnologiesSteam Trap
KA20K1ZARBeko TechnologiesSteam Trap
SD21Beko TechnologiesCapacitive Dew Point Sensor
Bekomat 33U P stand-aloneBeko TechnologiesCondensate drain
DM20G48CBBeko Technologies
S075WWBBeko Technologies
S075SWTBeko Technologies
SF53Beko TechnologiesFlow Sensor
XEKA12003Beko TechnologiesBoard Power supply unit
KA14A10A0Beko TechnologiesSteam Traps
XEKA12002Beko TechnologiesCircuit board "Power supply" 230 Vac
KA13N10ATBeko Technologiessteam trap
XEKA14101Beko TechnologiesVerschleißteilsatz für BEKOMAT 14, 14 CO PN16
for BEKOMAT 13 + 14 M5 VersionBeko TechnologiesVentileinheit kompl. für BEKOMAT 13 + 14
KA12P60A0Beko Technologiescondendate drain 12 CO PN63
XEKA12101Beko Technologies
XEKA31101Beko TechnologiesSpare part Service-Unit BEKOMAT 31U N
XEKA13101Beko TechnologiesERSATZTEIL Verschleißteilsatz für BEKOMAT 13, 13 CO PN16
KA13A60A0Beko TechnologiesSteam trap BEKOMAT 13

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