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Number Manufacturer Description  
1-3002-071-201Alimak HekContact Block
1-9094-988-020Alimak HekGuide Roller
1-9095-056-028Alimak HekShaft for Guide Roller
1-9095-056-045Alimak HekShaft Guide Roller
1-3001-665-461Alimak HekRubber Washer
1-9094-955-000Alimak HekRoll
1-9094-909-000Alimak HekRoll
1-9054-937-000Alimak HekBushing
1-9056-419-000Alimak HekSliding Shoe
1-9109-978-000Alimak HekRubber Moulding
1-9094-957-000Alimak HekSlide Washer Interlocking Device
1-9054898-000Alimak HekBracket
1-9094-967-000Alimak HekBushing Housing
1-9056-924-000Alimak HekHandle
1-9053-971-000Alimak HekGlass Window 6x96x610mm
1-3000-941-101Alimak HekRubber Moulding
1-9067-195-000Alimak HekPlate
1-3001-227-026Alimak HekPressure Spring
1-3001-227-030Alimak HekCompression Spring
1-9067-428-000Alimak HekSliding Washer
1-3002-227-200Alimak HekBushing with Flange
1-9095-319-000Alimak HekCam Interlocking At Landing
1-9066-191-000Alimak HekHandle
1-9065-235-009Alimak HekLock
1-9095-306-100Alimak HekCounter Pressure Roll 120mm
1-9057-060-000Alimak HekPinion
1-3001-229-108Alimak HekSpring
1-9066-129-000Alimak HekRubber wheel
1-9106-693-009Alimak HekShaft
1-9005-438-000Alimak HekRoller
1-3002-198-500Alimak HekHybrid cable
RV5/250Alimak HekInterference Protection
WDG 40A-40-ABN-H24-K2Alimak HekEncoder
1-3001-195-309Alimak HekBushing 2pcs
BA9sAlimak HekLamp
1-3002-071-200Alimak HekContact Block
1-3002-071-264Alimak HekHolder
1-3002-071-227Alimak HekLamp Block
1-3002-071-312Alimak HekMembrane
1SFA 61617Alimak HekPush Button
1-3002-071-106Alimak HekPush Button
1-3002-071-200Alimak HekContact Block
CA 5-10/1Alimak HekAux contact
1-3002-192-452Alimak HekAux Contact
DASVAlimak HekPhase Failure Relay
1-3001-877-101Alimak HekRelay Socket
R15 KLAlimak HekRelay
1-3000-808-233Alimak HekRelay
1-3000-808-235Alimak HekRelay Base
1-3000-271-007Alimak HekRectifier Unit
1-3001-296-138Alimak HekTransformer
WDG 40A-40-ABN-H24-K2Alimak HekEncoder
D6FCE- 1D06060142001Alimak HekActuator
1-3000-263-400Alimak HekLimit Switch
1-3000-263-451Alimak HekLimit Switch
1-3000-263-456Alimak HekLimit Switch
1-9063-515-000Alimak HekGuide Roller
1-9056-372-000Alimak HekGuide Roller

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