The Italian company Recold srl was founded in 1980 and has been successful in the research and development of high-performance refrigeration and air conditioning systems ever since. The service and maintenance company, which is based between Venice and Lake Garda, has long been a leader in its sector. The demand for the innovative Recold technologies is correspondingly high. Liquid chillers, heat pumps and pump units for industry are just as much a part of the product range as free cooling systems, ventilation and dehumidification units. The products are available in series and can also be equipped with special functions at the customer’s request.

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Research and development of customized solutions

Recold attaches great importance to research and development and is also continuously expanding its technical support. Customers benefit from a range of services that is unique in the industry, including full service and specialized services such as maintenance and complete overhauls in addition to the commissioning of the systems. In addition, Recold offers its customers the adaptation of systems to current standards and the dismantling of old systems with subsequent ecological recycling. The company also rents out refrigeration units and systems in emergencies or for other requirements.

Recold develops customized solutions that are optimally adapted to the needs of the respective customer. On the one hand, customers benefit from the speed and flexibility of a dedicated team, and on the other, they receive precise designs and have the option of having prototypes created.

Recold stands for experience and innovation

As Recold technologies meet the latest standards, operation is extremely simple and user-friendly. Maintenance is also uncomplicated. The special design of Recold appliances ensures that all components are easily accessible. Remote repairs are therefore also no problem. Another advantage for Recold customers is that delivery times are very short thanks to sophisticated purchasing and production planning.

Recold is able to manufacture standard products with outputs between 3 and 340 kilowatts, but also develops solutions for customer-specific requirements. For this reason, the company can meet all market requirements. The high quality of the products is ensured by the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the careful selection of suppliers.

Product range from Recold

Recold has been manufacturing numerous different products in the field of chillers for more than 40 years. Depending on the product type, these are suitable for various industrial applications. In addition to water and oil chillers, cooling systems and free-cooling systems, the product range also includes pumping stations, dehumidification systems, heat pumps and exhaust air purification systems. In the various industries, Recold products are used, for example, to cool food, in leather processing and in the operation of machine tools and industrial printing machines.

Water and oil cooling units (Re and Re-Speciale series)

The water cooling units are used where a cooling stage is required. While the refrigerant circuits of the smaller models consist of piston compressors, the more powerful units are equipped with so-called “scroll” compressors. Thanks to their small footprint, they are easy to maneuver.

Recold’s water and oil cooling units have been developed for various areas of application. In addition to tanneries and the leather goods industry (cooling, drying, energy recovery), these include wine processing (cooling, temperature and humidity control, energy recovery), the metal industry (cooling, pressing, metal cleaning, laser cutting), precision mechanics (process cooling), the food industry (temperature and humidity control, maturing) and the plastics industry (process cooling, free cooling, energy recovery).

In tanneries and leather processing, for example, Recold products are used for drying with controlled dehumidification and temperature control during the leather production process. This enables a higher production speed with simultaneous energy savings, which ultimately increases operating efficiency and production stability.

Pump units for water and oil

The so-called “GPO PROJECT” from Recold represents an innovative new technology for industrial cooling. Whereas previously each machining center required its own cooling unit, which often led to overheating of the interior, the Recold system comprises only one centralized cooler. This is located outside thanks to a glycol-water circuit and supplies various supply units of the GPO “Oil Pumping Group”. This allows independent control of the temperature and fluid flow at each workstation.

The central GPO system can also be supplemented by freecooling. The water-air heat exchanger uses the low outside temperatures to cool the circuit without using compressors. The energy saving achieved in this way is up to 60 percent.

Recold systems for direct or indirect oil cooling are used in precision mechanics, for example. Cooling the hydraulic oil is essential, as overheating would lead to a loss of physical properties and could therefore impair the functionality of the device and product quality.

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Liquid coolers

The V-MOD series has a modular design and was developed for cooling liquids. It is used, for example, for conditioning, in wine processing and in other industrial sectors that work with cooled liquids (metallurgical processes, precision mechanics, food, goldsmithing, plastics and materials). If required, the cooling units can be adapted to ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius (tropicalized models) or temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. In wine processing, cooling units specially developed for this application are used, which have special corrosion protection, a cooling guarantee (operation even when the compressors are switched off) and the ability to recover heat. The coolers are optimally adapted to the area of application and ensure perfect preservation and acid stabilization of the wines produced.

Dehumidifiers for drying

The dehumidifiers from Recold are available in a wide range of sizes and with different functions, so there is something for every customer. The appliances were developed for controlling temperature and humidity in industrial drying or drying processes. This includes, for example, vegetable drying in the food industry, for which Recold has developed various process systems. The appliances are used for cooling, maturing and drying fruit and vegetables, as well as milk, meat and sausages. This results in numerous advantages, including energy savings, less waste, a higher production speed and improved hygiene safety and product quality.

A particular advantage is that the appliances’ refrigerant circuit has a direct expansion system that recovers all the energy used. Another advantage is that the appliances can be managed by programmable software and can therefore also be controlled remotely.

Chillers and heat pumps

The VX, WA and OMV series include extremely reliable and flexible outdoor units for the production of chilled water and hot water. In this product range too, Recold naturally offers many customization options for individual work areas and requirements.

High-performance scroll multicompressors in the refrigerant circuits ensure that the thermal load conditions are optimized. The evaporators are also characterized by high heat transfer coefficients and optimum heat recovery. Thanks to the electronic control system for temperature regulation, remote management with constant monitoring is possible.

Industry 4.0

Recold manufactures products that can be integrated into numerous industrial processes. The company uses the Industry standards 4.0 and offers users of its devices integrated remote control systems and augmented reality support, among other things.

In the future, the company also wants to use its cooling systems in the field of alternative energies. The company is therefore investing heavily in research and development of corresponding products and has already built up an extensive network of EU partners. Promising prototypes are constantly being created as part of research projects and project developments.

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