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Informations sur la pièce de rechange SQ2SKP060MBID24B0A

SQ25-50s-230V1 -ph.50Hz-Cl.l ll+Posigam 15533 BC-DEUFRA - Relating Actuator Typ SQ25 positioning time : 50 sek für 90" Nominal Torque: 250 Nm perm. Regulating Moment: 140 Nm Motor voltage : 230 V 1-ph.50 Hz Motor power : 0,03 kW Nominal current : 0,8 A Current : 0,9 A Output flange ISO 5211 ; Combi flange F07lF10 mounted switching room heater 2 additional way switch for intermediate position # elektric positioner POSIGAM-PLUS Input : (0)4..20 mA, 0-10 V; Output : (0) a..2O mA (not galvanical seperated); internal motor control with electro-magnetic reversing contactor; internal manual / auto-switching for test run; integrated monitoring torque; way :temperature motor; internal processing of standard-switching contacts of drive alarm relay; automatic phase sequence correction; through switch and tab programmable control system mounted to actuator # Local controls mounted wiring acc. circuit diagram 5625000/04 replacement fpr SN09L10137.003 new type SQ25

Marque / Fabricant Bernard Controls
Numéro d'article SQ2SKP060MBID24B0A
Description Motorized control valve
KCCO Numéro d'article 10084871
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 0