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Información sobre la pieza de recambio IFS 135B-3/1/1T

Within the scope of European directives, this product may only be used for replacement purposes. Ignites and controls gas burners, for intermittent operation, with ionization or UV control, EC type-tested and certified Fault lock-out in the event of flame failure Safety time on start-up: 3 s Safety time during operation for V2: 1 s Safety time during operation for V1: 1 s Mains voltage: 220/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, for grounded mains

Marca / Fabricante Elster Kromschröder
Número de pieza del fabricante IFS 135B-3/1/1T
Descripción Automatic burner control unit
Número de pieza del fabricante 84344500A
KCCO Número de artículo 10095170
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 10
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