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Información sobre la pieza de recambio BCU 480-5/3/1LR3GBB1/1E1

series 400 Housing for on-site mounting, for controlling, igniting and monitoring impulse-controlled, modulating or stage-controlled gas burners. For continuous operation with ionization control or UV control using UV sensor UVD. Intermittent operation with UV sensor UVS. Display of the program status, unit parameters and flame signal. Manual operating mode. Diagnosis and adjustment of unit parameters via optical interface using PC software BCSoft. EC-type tested and certified, FM and CSA approved, certified for systems up to SIL 3 (compliant with PL e). Series: Version for pilot and main burners Safety time, burner/pilot burner: 1st safety time on start-up (burner/pilot burner) tSA1: 5 s Safety time, main burner: 2nd safety time on start-up (main burner) tSA2: 3 s Safety time during operation tSB: /1 s

Marca / Fabricante Elster Kromschröder
Número de pieza del fabricante BCU 480-5/3/1LR3GBB1/1E1
Descripción Burner control unit
Número de pieza del fabricante 88613350
KCCO Número de artículo 10107505
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 10
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