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Informationen zum Ersatzteil GHG 514 7407 R0001

PLUG 63A-4P-7H/500V D16-35MM GH hazardous, heavy duty IEC 60309 devices are used where hazardous gases may be present, and in areas prone to dust, dirt, vibration, hard use and abuse. Also used in locations where complete protection against water jets and even temporary flooding is required, or in corrosive environments caused by chemicals, atmospheres and water. Commonly used in chemical plants, mining, drilling and steel/grain/flour mills

Marke / Hersteller Crouse Hinds
Hersteller-Teilenummer GHG 514 7407 R0001
Beschreibung Plug 63a 4 pole
KCCO-Artikelnummer 12001886
+49 (0)511 89 88 09 0